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Pet Hair Resistant Fabric

Pet Hair Resistant Fabric

If your pet sheds hair all over the home you’ll know only too well what an annoyance this can be. Making sure that you have pet hair resistant fabric around the house is highly recommended considering how difficult cat and dog hair can be to clean.

There are many ways that you can minimize dog shedding and clean items covered in pet hair. The best solution is to incorporate fabric that repels dog hair, and here we look at some of the best choices.

Types of Pet Hair Resistant Fabric

Now of course, we are not suggesting that you replace all fabric in the home with pet-resistant options, but you can certainly incorporate them into the home. For example, you may look to buy a throw or a blanket for your pets made from fabric that won’t attract pet hair. What we mean by resistance to pet hair, are materials that don’t absorb the hair as much as others would. This allows for very simple cleaning without the need for a great amount of effort or numerous tools and gadgets. Here are some of the best fabrics that are generally considered as being resistant to pet hair, or at least fabrics that repel or prevent pet hair from becoming deeply embedded.

100% Cotton

Cotton Fabric If you have items that are made from 100%, heavily woven cotton, you will find that dog hair and fur from other animals won’t stick as easily. This is down to the fact that tightly woven cotton makes it very tricky for hairs to penetrate the tight fabric. Something you should bear in mind here is that not all 100% cotton is going to do a great job resisting pet hair. This will be dependent upon the thread count. If you plan to buy a blanket to protect your indoor or outdoor furniture, be sure that you aim for 100% cotton with a high thread count. At the very least you need to be looking for a thread count of 500 or higher, as any less won’t provide the same resistance.


Denim Fabric Denim has been used and loved by consumers ever since its creation, thanks to its incredibly durable qualities. Those of you who love to wear jeans and other denim clothing will be happy to hear that this material also stays relatively pet-hair-free. The tight weave of this fabric helps it easily repel dog hair. This is not to say that you will remain 100% free from cat or dog hair, but you will probably be able to count on one hand how few hairs stick.


Moleskin is a notoriously dense fabric, that is heavily resistant to just about everything. The material is made using multiple layers of woven cotton, which is looped and then sheared to create a solid foundation with a soft pile above. Moleskin has multiple uses, and protecting furniture from pet hairs is one of them. In recent years we have seen a big rise in the demand for moleskin pet beds, owing to their resistant properties. Moleskin fabric has a tight weave and is very thick, so hairs simply cannot enter into the threading, remaining on top of the softer pile. Pet hairs can easily be shaken or brushed off if they haven’t fallen away already.


Fabric that repels dog hair Given the fact that leather comes from the skin of cows, designed to protect the organs and flesh underneath, it should come as no surprise that it is incredibly resistant, hence its wide use in couch fabrics. The tanning of the leather further reinforces its strength and resistance to liquids and, you’ve guessed it, loose debris and hair. Leather is incredibly easy to clean, and often needs nothing more than a simple wipe with a damp cloth. Another great benefit of leather, and even faux leather, is that while it may be strong and durable, it is also incredibly soft. This is the ideal balance of characteristics for any animal products such as beds, collars, leaders, and protectors for furniture.


Silk Fabric If you have ever worn a silk dressing gown or shirt, you will know just how supple and smooth it is. This, of course, is exactly why people dream of having silk sheets on their beds. Silk is such a slick surface, it makes perfect sense that it would be used for animal products. The fabric is a pet owner’s favorite material to use because of how easy it is to clean. Silk blends comfort and function, and your pets will love laying on it, every bit as much as humans do.


The main reason why the materials on this list don’t keep pet hair is that they are tightly woven, this isn’t the case with micro suede. This is a polyester fabric, that uses synthetic fibers to mimic suede. Not only is microsuede water resistant, but it also won’t attract pet hair. This material is much cheaper than suede and is ideal for pet beds, comforters, and furniture protection.


Linen Fabric Linen may be incredibly soft but it is very tough and resilient. Additionally, this material dries very quickly indeed, making it the ideal fabric for pet bedding. Few dog owners pay the extra for linen, but the investment is worthwhile given how easy it is to care for and how long it will last. Cat and dog hair will be no match for this premium material.


Microfiber Fabric This fabric is not exactly ubiquitous but it is growing in popularity, so expect to see it in stores very soon. Microfiber is one of the most tightly woven fabrics on the market, made using very small, natural fibers that work well for coverings on furniture. This is a great material to use for pet clothing like cat sweaters or coats that you don’t want to be covered in dog hair.


Canvas may not be the softest material, but it is very good at repelling dog hair. Additionally, you will find that canvas is very cost-effective, and will make an ideal option for cushions and furniture protectors. Canvas is also very easy to clean, as a damp cloth and a little effort will remove pet hair, lint, or dirt. This may not be a great option for pet beds or blankets, such as its coarse nature, but it does have its uses and is a very durable material.


As mentioned early, we are not suggesting that you replace all of the fabric in your home with these pet-resistant options. What you may wish to consider, however, is introducing such materials the next time that you buy a pet bed, item of furniture, or any other furnishings for your pets. While it’s impossible to prevent all dog hair from covering your home, PetLovers has a number of tools such as lint rollers and pet hair removers to keep your fabrics and other materials clean. By incorporating these fabrics and tools into your home, you can greatly minimize the problems that cat or dog hair can bring.


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