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Pet Hair Lint Rollers

PetLovers pet hair lint rollers are purposefully designed to lift dog, cat, and other pet hair from clothing, car interiors, and different surfaces around your home and environment. The PetLovers lint roller features an easy-to-use, eco-friendly, and ergonomic design – making it one of the most efficient hair removers on the market. We also offer multipacks so you can have enough to leave in different areas of your home, workplace, vehicles, or suitcase while you travel or are on the move with your pet.​

What Is a Pet Lint Roller?

Pet lint rollers, in contrast to traditional lint rollers, are specifically designed with maximum strength to lift stubborn pet hair from clothes, furniture, fabrics, and other surfaces. Since pet hair can break up into little pieces and get entwined into the deepest parts of our fabrics, our pet lint rollers provide the utmost stick to uproot and loosen the hair. Traditional rollers are manufactured to just remove debris and lint from the top of surfaces.

How Do You Use A Pet Lint Roller?

Using a pet lint roller is very easy to do! Open up the packaging, reveal your first roller sheet, and make sure it’s clean. Then just simply roll it over whatever surface you’re trying to remove unwanted pet hair from. When the sheet has become full of lint, dust, or hair and isn’t sticky anymore, just tear it off and you’ll have a fresh one underneath. Our lint roller sheets use an extra sticky adhesive to make sure all that unwanted loose hair gets picked up and removed.

Why We Made the Best Lint Roller for Pet Hair?

Owning a husky, we learned quickly that our home and belongings became like living in a barbershop. Hair everywhere! After much trial and tribulation, we found that traditional lint rollers just did not effectively pick up stubborn pet hair.

We set out to create a product that latched on to fur and other debris from our knit fabrics and surfaces around the home. We successfully created tear-off extra sticky sheets that are ultra hardworking when it comes to ensuring maximum pet hair is removed.

How To Clean A Lint Roller?

Cleaning our pet hair lint rollers is quick and hassle-free. Just tear off the old paper and you will reveal a brand new, fresh sheet that’s ready to rock, and roll of course. Every pet owner will be happy to know how easy it is to clean our lint rollers as cleaning up pet hair is no one’s favorite pastime.

Has PetLovers Created a Reusable Lint Roller?

Petlovers extra sticky and the mini extra sticky are both reusable lint rollers as they are made with durable 90-sheet rolls.


Can I Use a Pet Hair Lint Roller for Clothes?

Surely! Our pet hair lint rollers are specifically designed to lift hair from clothing without damaging your fabrics. Depending on the fabric, a few gentle passes over is generally enough to clean your clothes. After a few strokes, it’s ideal to rip off the old sheet and use a fresh one to make sure you’re removing the most amount of pet hair as possible.

Can I Use a Pet Hair Lint Roller for Furniture?

Yes! our products work great as furniture lint rollers. Use our lint roller for pet hair on couch cushions, furniture covers, or anything with a soft fabric surface.

Can I Use a Pet Hair Lint Roller for Carpet Cleaning?

You can use our products as a carpet lint roller to quickly clean pet hair off the surface. This in combination with a pet hair remover tool and vacuum will be the best way to remove pet hair from a carpet. But if you need to spot-clean an area, our portable lint roller is perfect to take on the job!

Can I Use a Lint Roller on my Dog or Cat?

You do not want to use your pet hair lint roller directly on your dog, cat, or any pet. You risk the chance of pulling out healthy dog hair and your dog will surely not enjoy the process. We suggest you brush your dog frequently and just use your lint roller to clean up surfaces where pet hair may fall.


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