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Pet Hair Remover

Whisk away pet hair with the PetLovers pet hair remover tool. We have developed this tool to help remove excess pet and dog hair from your home, car, clothes, furniture, and more. It will help pick up the loose hairs that are left after brushing your pet or from hair that naturally falls out.

Pet and Dog Hair Remover

The quantity and frequency at which your dog or pet sheds will depend on their breed type, general health, as well as the time of the year. Many pets grow thicker coats in the wintertime and will usually shed these coats during spring as the weather warms up.

Brushing their hair will remove a lot of excess fur around this time, but you will still find loose hair on your furniture and around your home. Leaving a pet hair remover around the house can make it easy to lift away undesired pet hair in a flash!

They’re easy to use, clean, effective, portable, and reusable tools. Say goodbye to loose pet hair with pet hair remover products from PetLovers.

What is The Use of a Pet Hair Remover?

It can be used to remove pet hair from a variety of surfaces and fabrics including clothing, furniture, bedding, carpets, hardwood floors, and even car upholstery. It’s super convenient, portable, and highly effective when it comes to collecting pet hair. It has been rigorously tested and certified for its safety to be used on fabrics without staining or damaging them.

What’s The Difference Between a Pet Hair Remover and a Lint Roller?

A pet hair remover is a lint roller alternative, used to get deeply ingrained hairs in hard-to-reach places that can’t be picked up by sticky tape or are often ignored by a vacuum. While a pet hair lint roller uses sticky tape to attract hair, a pet hair remover is a scraper with teeth that can rake and break up hair from the deepest of surfaces and fabrics. Lint rollers are best used to capture loose hair on the very top of surfaces.

What Type of Pet Hair Can Our Hair Remover be Used On?

We created the Ezlint to be the best dog hair remover available, but it is also effective for any type of shedding pet. This includes felines as a cat hair remover, or even horses, guinea pigs, rabbits, and more.

What Makes PetLovers Tools The Best Pet Hair Remover on the market?

After many years of searching for where to buy a pet hair remover that could be used on surfaces all over the house, we decided that we needed to create our own reusable pet hair remover. With much research conducted with our shedding Husky Jax, we feel we have created the best pet hair remover with the Ezlint.

It can help aid you in keeping clothes and furniture looking like new by removing pet hair quickly without damaging your home, vehicle, or garments.

Why Do You Need A Pet Hair Remover?

We all love getting close and spending time with our favorite furry pets, but when they leave unwanted pet hair all over our homes and belongings, clothes, it can become a real nuisance. It can also be a health concern as bacteria and mold can grow on loose dog hair and create issues for you, your family, and your pets. Excessive pet hair can activate allergies and also create odors on your belongings.

Loose pet hair can make your home look unkempt, clothing dirty, etc., and can remain even after washing as the hair gets stuck in upholstery and clothing fibers. Pets (dogs and cats especially) will shed their old, damaged hair naturally. When you brush your pet, a lot of the hair and dander will end up in the air or on your furniture by default.

Is it a Reusable Pet Hair Remover?

The EzLint is a reusable pet hair remover that’s safe on a multitude of surfaces and can remove loose pet hair that’s worked its way deeply into fabrics. It’s extremely durable and will last for years. It was created to be a convenient tool to keep around the house and also ultra-portable to travel with when on the run.

Is It Easy to Clean?

Cleaning our tool is easy and all you need to do is pull the hair off the end and throw it in the trash. You can also run the pet hair removal tool under the faucet and the leftover hair and debris will wash right off.

FAQs about Pet Hair Removers

Can You Use A Pet Hair Remover For Furniture?

The Ezlint is the best cat and dog hair remover for furniture where tiny hairs get trapped and vacuums just can’t get to. With just a few gentle strokes you’ll see it whisk unwanted pet hair away. You can use a pet hair remover for couch cushions, beds, and a variety of furniture and upholstery.

Can You Use A Pet Hair Remover For Clothes?

Yes, these tools are for those who are wondering how to remove dog hair from clothes without lint roller tools. While some delicate fabrics like sweaters are best to be left for professional dry cleaning, these tools provide an optimum way to remove dog hair from your pants and shirts.

Can You Use A Pet Hair Remover For Carpet Cleaning?

Our pet hair remover tool works great for hair that gets intertwined in carpets, mats, and rugs. It’s also the best way to clean carpeted stairs fast from lint, pet hair, and other small fibers without leaving any tufts or residues. It will grab and clump the hair making it easy to suck up with a vacuum after.

Can You Use These Tools in A Vehicle?

Yes, you can you a pet hair removal tool for car seats and car carpets after taking your pets for a joy ride. Pet owners know how hard it is to keep their cars clean from dog and cat fur. Keep a pet hair remover in your vehicle to quickly clean and maintain your car’s interior.

What Shouldn’t I Use A Pet Hair Remover on?

We wouldn’t recommend using our pet hair remover on any delicate fabrics such as leather or even wood furniture. It will also not work well on wet surfaces.

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