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PetLovers pet hair lint roller with 90 sheet lint roll spiral sheet refills
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The Best Lint Roller for Pet Hair

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The Pet Hair Lint Roller for Pet Owners, By Pet Owners

Since 2017, PetLovers has been providing animal lovers with the best lint roller for pet hair on the market. In the following year, our Canine Executive Officer (CEO) Jax found his forever home and eventual business partner.  As a husky, Jax was shedding so much that a normal lint roller just wouldn’t do. So we designed an extra sticky lint roller capable of keeping up with even the furriest friend. Thanks to its spiral tear design and adhesive sheets, the PetLovers lint roller is the perfect option for animal owners everywhere. Whether you’re just looking for an individual sticky roller for the pet hair of a barely shedding cat or bulk lint rollers to keep up with a whole litter of pups, PetLovers has the perfect option for you. Plus, our new Subscribe & Save plan ensures you’ll never have to leave the house with pet hair on your clothes again, all while saving money! So shop for the perfect pet lint roller for your needs at PetLovers today!