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"Woof!" - Jax

PetLovers Canine Executive Officer, on his relationship with Kyle, our products, and our wonderful community of pet lovers!

Jax Sitting Pretty

Meet the Dog (and Human) Behind PetLovers

Kyle and Jax home

Before they made the products and videos you love, they were Jax and Kyle.


See what happens when an ambitious young entrepreneur adopts a rambunctious husky.

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Our Best Advice for Pets of All Kinds

Product Review Spotlight: Car Seat Covers

We asked Kyle and Jax to test one of the top ranked dog car seat covers on Amazon to see how it holds up. We let Jax run all over it, we dumped water on it, we even installed it two different ways!

Lint Roller Car

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types of dog brushes

Types Of Dog Brushes

Grooming your dog regularly helps minimize shedding, control where that loose hair falls, and improve the health of your dog’s coat and skin. As any

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PetLovers EzSlicker Brush Self Cleaning Dog and Cat Hair Brush

Pet Lovers Travel Size 30

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PetLovers Ezlint Hair Remover

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EzLint Pet Hair Remover

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