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Remove Pet Hair From Furniture Fast

remove pet hair furniture

Pet owners consider their cute and furry friends as equal members of the family. They roam around the house freely, sit wherever they want, and use almost all pieces of furniture.

As much as we adore these friendly creatures, having a pet comes with the responsibility of cleaning up clumps of hair that they leave all over the house. While it’s quite a chore to remove pet hair from furniture, using the right tools will make your job so much easier.

Best Way To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

Using old-school tools, such as brooms and mops, to remove pet hair will only prolong the task. Professional hair-removal products like the EzLint, on the other hand, efficiently removes stubborn dog hair that vacuum cleaners often miss.

This reusable, convenient solution by PetLovers has been tested safe and effective to use on fabrics. It rids your furniture’s upholstery of pet hair without causing any damage or stains.

The tool’s ability to pull up deep layers of pet hair makes it super effective on couches, carpets, and beds. Simply hold the tool upright and slide it downwards over the targeted surface.

remove pet hair from furniture


Tips On How To Remove Pet Hair From Furniture

While professional tools like EzLint work the best when it comes to removing pet hair, you can get rid of them using other tools and methods that are already available at your home.

Fabric Softener & Damp Cloth

As fabric softeners are designed to add softness to your clothes, they contain ingredients specifically formulated to loosen fabric fluff and pet hair. These ingredients are electrically charged compounds that cause the deeply embedded stubborn hairs to rise from the surface of the furniture.

All you have to do is put 3 to 4 tablespoons of fabric softener in a clean spray bottle and dilute it with half a cup of warm water. Spray the mixture of water and fabric softener onto the target surface and wipe it with a damp cloth or paper towel.


Many innovative tools have been introduced in the market to remove dog hair or cat fur from different types of surfaces; one such tool is a pet brush. A pet brush uses rubber bristles that cause pet hair to form large wads that can be vacuumed or picked up easily.

To remove pet hair with a rubber-bristled brush, run it over your target surface in one direction. As you keep moving it, you will see the hair sticking to the rubber bristles.

Use your hands to clean pet hair from the bristles and repeat the process until your upholstery is fur-free. If you don’t have a pet brush, you can use a toothbrush with silicone bristles.

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are an important part of every cleaning kit. They are mostly used to protect hands while working with heavy-duty cleaning equipment. As peculiar as it sounds, rubber gloves are an excellent tool to remove pet hair from furniture.

Simply put on a pair of wet rubber gloves and move your hands over the surface you want to clean. Whatever piece of upholstered furniture you are cleaning, always start from the top surface to ensure you smear the gathered fur all over.

As you run your gloved hands over the target surface, the pet hair will cling to your hands in clumps. You can then wash your hands or remove the clumps manually. Repeat the process until the surface is completely clean.

how to remove pet hair from furniture

Handheld Vacuum

A portable vacuum with an upholstery attachment is a prerequisite for making your home fur-free. While you can use any type of vacuum cleaner for removing pet hair, a robot pet hair vacuum works most effectively.

However, even if you cannot invest in a specialized tool, a handheld vacuum with a furniture fitting will do the job just fine. Many people complain that their vacuum cleaner doesn’t effectively pick up pet hair. This may be because they are not using the right attachment.

If you use the regular floor attachment to clean your furniture, you will not only fail but may also end up smearing the pet hair all over. A hose attachment has a narrow opening which makes the suction more powerful and pulls up hair more efficiently than a standard attachment.

Some vacuum cleaners come with pet hair removal attachments that allow you to pick up fur more quickly and easily. These attachments usually carry silicone or rubber bristles to remove pet hair from textiles, such as carpets or upholstery.

Lint Roller

Using a lint roller is one of the best ways to clean your furniture of pet hair. A lint roller carries a roll of one-sided sticky paper that removes the fluff and pet hair from upholstery, linens, and clothing. You can also use it on other surfaces like wood and glass.

Some lint rollers have a permanent sticky surface that can be washed and reused, while others carry sheets of adhesive paper that have to be discarded after use. Just run it over the surface of your furniture and the hair will cling to it.

When the adhesive paper fills with pet hair, remove it from the roller and repeat the process. If you are using a lint roller with a permanent surface, you’ll need to wash it.

How To Remove Pet Hair From Wooden Furniture

The best way to remove pet hair from wooden furniture is by using furniture polish and a soft cloth. Furniture polish contains a carefully formulated blend of solvents, emulsifiers, and polishing agents that decrease the electrostatic energy between dust and wood particles to clean the wooden surface.

When pet hair gets stuck to wooden surfaces, you can use furniture polish to eliminate the electric charge and remove the hair. Simply spray furniture polish on the surface and wipe it with a soft cloth.

Similarly, you can also use an anti-static spray to clean wooden furniture of pet hair. Just like furniture polish, anti-static sprays are also formulated to reduce static electricity that’s binding the hair to the surface. This not only removes the hair stuck to the surface but also minimizes their chances of re-sticking.

Dryer sheets are equally effective for removing pet hair from wooden surfaces. They discharge positively charged particles to neutralize the negative charge and consequently eliminate the force holding the hair to the statically charged surface.

However, these formulations only detach the hair from surfaces. You will again need to remove them mechanically. After spraying any of these formulations, use a handheld vacuum to suction out the loose hair or a clean cloth to wipe them off.


There’s no magical solution to your pet hair problem. Regardless of what tool you use, removing pet hair from anywhere takes time and energy. You can, however, make your job easier and quicker by using the above-mentioned methods. While all of these tools are effective, you can use whatever works for you. You can also use a combination of two or more tools for more effective results.


What is the best way to get animal hair off furniture?

The best way to get animal hair off furniture is to use a professional lint roller that is specifically designed to remove pet hair.

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