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About PetLovers


He’s not your average dog. Jax speaks fluent Howling and can reach unrivaled octaves with astounding accuracy (and volume).

He can also jump onto a kitchen counter (where he’s not supposed to be) and eat six large chicken tenders right off your plate.

You can’t imagine a better companion.


One of my favorite things growing up was spending time with our family’s black Labrador, Jasmine.

I’m originally from the U.S., but I moved to Bangkok, Thailand in February 2019. Though I originally came to travel Asia, I decided to stay and it’s been home ever since.

These days I spend my off-time traveling around Thailand with Jax. We especially love the mountains and beaches.

The PetLovers Story

Kyle started PetLovers in 2017. His goal was simple: make enough money to pay for college without needing to work part-time. It didn’t take long to realize PetLovers® was more than a side hustle. He was building something that would last.

In November of 2018, he brought home a small, extremely energetic husky pup named Jax.

Jax changed everything. He’s the fuel that drives the whole PetLovers team.