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What’s it Like Owning a Husky?

We asked the owner of PetLovers®, Kyle Binder, to answer some of our FAQs about Huskies.
Owning a husky jax

Before bringing a new pet into your life, it’s important to do your homework. There are a lot of factors to consider; the energy level of the animal, how much interaction and supervision they require, the kinds of food and environmental purchases needed, and even the level of grooming—if any—that they must have for their health. Add it all up, and the research can easily become daunting.

There are plenty of resources out there to help you decide what kind of pet would be best for you. However, the best information comes straight from the experts: pet owners.

We asked the owner of PetLovers®, Kyle Binder, to answer some of our FAQs about Huskies. Here’s what he had to say;

“I think owning a husky is similar to having three regular dogs…” Kyle Binder, PetLovers® Founder

…but compressed into one. There’s an astounding but mysterious energy level—seemingly coming from nowhere as Jax sometimes eats very little. It’s a lot of fun because huskies are extremely silly and spontaneous (check our photos if you need evidence).

I never feel alone and Jax is always by my side—huskies are pack animals and tend to be more attached to their owners than other breeds.

How much exercise do they need?

In general, most huskies are very high-energy. However, I’m a member of many husky social media groups, and I’ve seen people surprised by how lazy their own huskies are. These are definitely the minority though, and it’s likely your husky will need at least two 30-60 minute walks per day, in addition to plenty of attention.

Jax and I do little tug-of-war sessions, or we toss around a ball in between walks. Jax gets a lot of attention and energy from me—because he’s my world—because I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home. Plus he’s the face of the brand, so he’s receiving constant attention while he’s busy doing Canine Executive Officer things.

Jax’s regimen is usually:

  • One 30-45 minute walk in the morning
  • One 30-45 minute walk in the evening
  • Running outside in the afternoon, around 1-3 PM for about 10-15 minutes
  • Tug of war briefly throughout the day

What are they like as puppies?

As a puppy, Jax was a little demon—mostly visually (check the photo) with his striking ‘face mask’—but he was/is a blessing, and truly an angel at heart.

I crate-trained Jax as a puppy, which he very much disliked. He howled so loud that I was worried we’d be getting noise complaints from the other tenants in our apartment. I’ve still never heard anything like it (though Jax can howl your ears off to this day).

He was super inquisitive, sniffing everything, going anywhere and everywhere, and chewing everything. He chewed a hole right in the center of a brand new $250 Ikea® couch.

He also loved—and still loves—to give me ‘stern eyes’ while I eat food. I can best describe it as his eyes totally focused on what you’re eating, all of the playfulness disappears and you can just see how intent he is to eat the food right out of your hands. He breathes heavily while making intense eye contact in order to try to get food from you. This wasn’t learned—and as I’m typing this, he’s literally doing it while I eat an apple.

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