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A Much Needed Road Trip to Hua Hin

September 5, 2022 — Jax, myself, and Pierre (our awesome Camera/Videographer) took a much needed road trip to the beachy area of Hua Hin. It’s about a three hour drive west out of Bangkok—although it took us over five hours because of the rain, unfortunately. The home was very beautiful, complete with a pool, a lake, and a big yard for Jax to run around in—and he definitely enjoyed himself.
Road Trip to Hua Hin


The pool was definitely fun for all of us. Jax went swimming, something he has come around to enjoy a lot more, recently. The first time he ever went swimming, he was guided into a swimming pool with a vest and a handle by an instructor…and he hated it, he wanted out immediately. I’m betting the reason he hated it is that Jax doesn’t like to be “instructed” or “handled” by anyone. So now that he’s gotten over that, he’s a pool doggo. In fact, Pierre and I had spent over an hour drying off Jax, just for him to almost immediately jump back into the pool.

Drones & Zoomies

We tested-out our drone for the first time after waiting months for the daily rainstorms to finally stop, which was nice. Jax doesn’t like it very much—I think the noise and “spacecraftiness” of it was too much for him. It was fun to use it and park it up high while we played with Jax, though. The villa had a nice plot of grass that was probably double the yard we live in day-to-day, so Jax really got to make use of his zoomies and cover a lot of area—which was fun for everyone.

Lake Life

We made two really fun videos during our trip. One involved Jax and I in a swan boat, which Jax at first didn’t seem to like, as he had nowhere to run around. I think after a bit, though, he calmed down and somewhat enjoyed the ride. Later that day we had a “dinner date,” which was cute. I actually tasted one of Jax’s treats (it was pretty gross. I wouldn’t recommend eating dehydrated dog chicken treats).

All in all, it was a relaxing and fun trip, and we’re looking forward to our next one!

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