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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes

How To Get Dog Hair Out Of Clothes

Many scientific studies have proven the benefits of having a pet which can reduce depression, anxiety, and loneliness, as well as boost serotonin. However, playing with your pets can leave behind a trail of unwanted fur that becomes difficult to shake off and can take hours of manual labor to remove.

To completely rid your clothes of dog hair, it is essential to invest in the right pet care products to take preventive measures. Here are a few practical tools and tips for removing dog hair from your clothes.

Tips on How to Remove Dog Hair from Clothes

Lint Roller

A pet lint roller can be your best friend during shedding seasons. Rollers like the PetLovers Extra Sticky Lint Roller, are easy to use, come with multiple sheets, and can be used on other surfaces besides clothes. These lint rollers contain sticky sheets that pick up dog hair on your clothes. It offers a quick solution when you’re leaving the house in a hurry or aren’t in the mood to put in too much effort.


Hair Remover Tool

A great pet hair remover tool, such as the EzLint, can work wonders at removing unwanted pet hair from fabrics. It can also provide a deeper clean to help loosen fur from carpets and furniture that a roller or vacuum might miss. It has a steel front that acts as a rake or scraper to gently remove pet hair from clothing. Unlike rollers, these tools don’t require new sticky tape or paper that can lose its grip after a few uses.


Sponges & Gloves

Sponges are another excellent hack for removing pet hair from surfaces and clothes. The roughness of the sponge frees the loose pet hair, allowing them to be vacuumed easily. By using a wet sponge, you are simply picking up any hair.

Rubber gloves can also be a fantastic hack to start removing pet hair from clothing. It can be used for furniture, beds, and many surfaces to provide an effective clearing of hair.

Fabric Brushes

Fabric brushes tend to have sturdier bristles which free the hair from the texture of the clothing and allow them to be cleaned off easily. This is also a quick solution for when you are about to leave the house and notice hairballs all over your clothes.


If a lint roller is not nearby during a dog hair crisis, you can use masking tape on hair-covered spots to clean up most of the mess. The stickiness of the tape catches any hair that is statically attached to your clothing. It serves the same purpose as lint rollers for removing pet hair from clothing but is much less effective.

Using A Steamer

A steamer can loosen hair from delicate fabrics such as wool. The warm air from the steamer will ease the thread, and the hair can be effectively removed with a fabric brush. With more delicate clothing, it is ideal to follow these measures to prevent wear and tear.

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes in Washer?

The techniques discussed above are a great solution but are only implementable sometimes. Some general tips on how to get the hair off clothes before laundry are:

Rinse Clothes with Vinegar

Vinegar is often used as an effective tool to clean any surface and rid the house of smells, whether it’s cleaning out garbage disposals or microwaves. It works just as effectively to remove excess pet hair from your clothes.

You must include a small amount of white vinegar, half a cup, in your washing machine while during laundry. Vinegar will loosen the fabric of the clothes and make it easier for hair to slip out of them. Any stubborn hair sticking to the material will reduce to result in pet-hair-free clothing.

Usually, the smell of the vinegar evaporates in the dryer, especially if you are using scented dryer sheets. However, if the smell persists, you should lessen the amount.

Pet Hair Laundry Detergent

Pet hair laundry detergent is the most innovative invention and is highly effective in removing pet hair from clothing. These detergents are deep cleaning and remove odor and hair. The formula of the detergent allows the clothes to loosen up and wash with more remarkable chemicals to clean out the pet hair and remove any odor left behind.

These products come with fabric softeners that allow the fabric to loosen up and the hair to be washed out. Pet hair laundry detergents are often too harsh on delicate clothing. Using a fabric softener and adding an extra rinse cycle is a great way to get rid of pet hair from your clothes and fabrics.

Lint Roller Clothes

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes in Dryer?

Pet Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are antistatic, meaning they can loosen the fur from clothes or other fabric types. The excess pet hair will find its way to the lint trap by using dryer sheets rather than your clothes. This way, you will have clean clothes and will only need to clean out the lint trap from time to time.

Dryer sheets for pet hair are specifically designed to target this issue and provide more significant results. You can also use these sheets to remove hair from clothes and bedding simply by rubbing them on the surface.

While this will significantly help get dog hair out of clothes, it will also leave a pleasant scent that keeps your clothes smelling fresh.

Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls speed up the drying process while simultaneously removing pet hair from clothing. It softens the clothes and loosens the hair to be cleaned off easily. Moreover, the airflow in your dryer increases, taking less time to finish a load.

Wool balls are an excellent alternative to dryer sheets for pet hair. They serve the same purpose with subtle scents, which are ideal for individuals allergic to fragrances. Place the ball in the middle of your load to gain more effective results and reduce the noise while the machine runs.

Can Pet Hair Ruin a Washing Machine?

Yes, pet hair can cause issues that can ruin a washing machine. Hair in the washing machine mixes with the water, resulting in a clump of hair that sticks to the sides. The leftover hair can stick to the next round of clothes in the washer and can clog the draining pumps.

Clean Your Washer and Dryer Often

Your washer and dryer remove a lot of dirt, debris, lint, and pet hair from your clothes which is why it is essential to clean them out often. After every load of laundry, make a habit of cleaning the inside of the machine with the help of a cloth.

Wipe down the sides and start a cycle with nothing inside. This will allow the machine to clean itself off. Also, clean out the dryer’s lint trap and draining pumps often to ensure that your machine stays in top condition.

How To Get Dog Hair Out of Your Washing Machine?

Prevention is the best way of achieving a fur-free washing machine. Before starting your load, ensure that you have gotten the hair off the clothes with lint rollers or brushes. Follow the same procedure with your bedding, couch covers, or any other article that you place in the machines.

Run Clothes in Dryer Before Washer

Running your clothes through the dryer before washing allows the fabric to loosen up, making removing pet hair easier. The dryer’s warmth softens the clothes, so you can brush out any excess hair before running your cycle in the washing machine.

Place your clothes in the dryer for ten minutes with no/low heat. You can dampen your clothes slightly, so they don’t shrink.


Dealing with pet hair can be tiresome. It is ideal for taking preventive measures to ensure that you are not stuck in a cycle of constantly understanding how to get hair off clothes.

Make a habit of brushing your dog often to remove excess hair as well as cleaning your house regularly, especially floors, carpets, and other commonly used areas of your pet. You can also invest in couch covers and heavy vacuums, which will make it easier to clean.

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