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How to Get Dog Hair Out of Blankets 

how to get dog hair out of blankets

There is no doubt that dogs make great friends, as they are lovely creatures that help us live happier and longer lives. As enjoyable as it is to have a pet, it comes with the responsibility of cleaning up a hairy mess that’s left all over your house and especially on your bedclothes.

Dogs just love climbing up on the bed which can leave you with a fur-laden blanket that can deprive you of a good night’s sleep and cause allergies. We put together our best tips on how to get dog hair out of blankets below.

Tips on How to Get Dog Hair Out of blankets

Dog hair just loves clinging to blankets, especially those made with wool and fleece as these fabrics have the highest static electricity. Cleaning up these fabrics is equally difficult because frequent washing may damage the fabrics. Here are some of the tools you will need to collect and remove pet fur.

Pet Hair Remover Tool

Professional hair removal tools such as the EzLint can quickly and safely remove pet hair from a number of fabrics and upholstery. This pet hair remover can collect deeply intertwined dog hair that a vacuum just can’t get to, without damaging your blanket. With proper handling, simply swipe over your fabrics with quick strokes in any direction to rake up any hair or messy residues. This reusable tool is easy to handle and doesn’t require any chords or batteries.


Lint Roller

A pet hair lint roller can be the safest and most effective tool for removing pet hair from the surface of your blankets. These devices have a one-sided adhesive strip roller that attracts even the most deeply embedded dog hair. Run the roller over your blanket until its sticky strip fills with dog hair. When you see the sheet turn saturated, remove it to expose a fresh section of sticky paper. Repeat the process until your blanket is hair-free. Before you start this process, make sure to give your blanket a good shake so that you don’t waste sticky paper on removing dust before you remove hair.


remove dog hair from wool blankets


As effective as lint rollers are, they may also be somewhat expensive. If you don’t want to invest in one, you can simply perform this technique with masking or duct tape.  Just roll open a sticky tape and cut a large section. Press it against a part of your blanket, leave it for a few seconds, and pull it away.

Rubber Glove

As an insulator, rubber doesn’t conduct electricity and can eliminate static charge. Just by putting some on and rubbing your hands over your blankets repeatedly, you’ll see that the gloves attract dog hair. When dog hair fully saturates the gloves, dip your hands into the water. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with your cleaning. Rubber gloves with nubs work more efficiently, as they will provide additional resistance to maintain the grip and attract more fur.


When it comes to ultra-fine particles or fibers like dog hair, not many tools can compete with the suction power of a vacuum. Using a vacuum cleaner with a proper attachment is one of the most effective ways to clean blankets of pet hair. You should vacuum your blanket regularly to keep dog hair from accumulating. Some vacuum cleaners are designed specifically to remove dog and cat hair and come with special attachments for upholstery, bedding, and carpets.


As basic as it sounds, a brush can remove deeply embedded dog hair from your blanket. While a rubber brush will most effectively remove hair, you can use other types of brushes if you don’t have one. You will need to use a brush that suits the fabric of your blanket. Plastic brushes with fine bristles work well for cleaning fleece blankets. Wool blankets, on the other hand, are best cleaned with slight coarse-bristled brushes.

Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is generally used to shed dead skin cells to prep your skin for moisturizing. Due to its scratchy texture, a pumice stone can remove ultra-fine particles such as pet hair from soft surfaces. Simply run a pumice stone over your hair-laden blanket and it will break up the dog hair from the surface of your fabric. When dog hair saturates the stone, remove them with your hands and discard them.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Blankets in the Dryer

remove dog hair blankets

Before you put your blanket in the washer, give it multiple dry and fluff cycles to get rid of any big clumps of dog hair. During a dry cycle, hot air from the tumbling movement of the blanket will collect a big part of any dog hair stuck on it.

Remember to empty the lint trap after each cycle to discard the collected hair. After multiple drying cycles, you can now place your blanket in the washing machine.

Will Washing a Blanket Remove Dog Hair?

Washing is also an effective way to remove dog hair from a blanket, but too much hair in your washing machine may cause damage. Here are a few tips on how to wash one safely and effectively.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Blankets When Washing

Always give your blanket a few shakes before putting it into the washer to try to get as much hair off as possible. After you place your blanket in the washer, add half a cup of white vinegar to loosen up any leftover dog hair. After a wash cycle, run a rinse cycle to collect the remaining fur. Before you put your blanket back in the dryer, make sure you clean the lint filter. During washing, all the lint and hair from your blanket gets trapped in the lint filter. Any clothes you put in the washer won’t get cleaned if you don’t consistently empty the lint trap. Many newer washing machines are equipped with self-cleaning pumps that automatically get rid of dog hair after each cycle. Always check to avoid any future damage.


Cleaning up dog hair from blankets can be tricky and time-consuming. Remember to take caution with blankets made of delicate fabrics as it may be better to have them professionally cleaned to avoid damage. This guide offers a number of solutions on how to remove dog hair from your blankets and keep your fabrics clean.


How to Get Dog Hair Out of Fleece Blankets?

Dryer sheets are the best solution to remove hair from fleece blankets due to the static electricity they create to collect hair.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Wool Blankets?

A pet hair lint roller will work best for wool blankets.

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