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Do Rottweilers Shed?

do rottweilers shed

If you are looking for a loyal, intelligent, active, and friendly dog, a Rottweiler could be a perfect option for you. There is a common misconception about Rottweilers being aggressive, yet this is an unfair assessment of what is a hard-working and loving family dog. Do Rottweilers shed? Shedding is an understandable concern before bringing a big dog home, so let’s take a look at what kind of shedding behavior you can expect.

Do Rottweilers Shed A Lot?

Much like other double-coated dogs, Rottweilers shed their coats twice a year, but will also shed throughout the year. The hair loss you will see throughout the year will be moderate, and it will increase during the coat-blowing season.

As moderate shedders, they do not leave as much loose hair around as other breeds such as golden retrievers or huskies. A Rottweiler has a double coat to protect it, a fact not everyone knows. This is down to the Rottweiler’s cousin, the Doberman, having a single coat.

Rottweilers were originally bred on farms as drovers, in what was Roman land, near the now-German town of Rottweil. These dogs would primarily be used to protect cattle and any livestock on the farm.

As guard dogs, the breed became fiercely loyal, strong, and hard-working. Working outside for long periods, in cold seasons, is also why the rottie’s coat is as thick and protective as it is.

Do Rottweilers shed?

When Do Rottweilers Shed?

Shedding season for Rotties is during the latter stages of both fall and spring When double coats are shed at this time, it is to prepare the Rottweiler’s coat for the hot and cold months of summer and winter.

As you can imagine, during fall the coat is ‘blown’ meaning that it loses some of the outer coat, for a thicker undercoat to grow through. Conversely, at the end of spring, it sheds the outer coat to thin it out for the warmer months.

If you have a Rottweiler that is losing its coat heavily outside of spring and fall, it may be that there is an underlying health issue. A healthy coat will be shed throughout the year, but excessive shedding habits should only be seen during the two occasions we have discussed.

Why Do Rottweilers Shed?

Rottweiler shedding is about maintaining its body temperature during seasonal changes. This, of course, is why spring and fall are heavy shedding periods. This is both to protect the body from temperature and environmental changes.

During summer, a Rottweiler still requires a thick summer coat, in order to protect the dog’s skin from UV rays. The winter coat will be thick below and above.

There are other reasons why double-coated dogs like the Rottweiler will shed their coats. For example, a Rottweiler puppy will shed its coat to make way for the adult coat, which it will have for the remainder of its life.

Coat health is vitally important for all dog breeds, but coats can also shed if there are other health issues. If your dogs like these shed hair outside of spring and fall, it could be down to an underlying health issue.

From fungal infections, and parasites to kidney and liver diseases, there is a range of health concerns that will see double-coated dogs shed their coats. Owing to this, it is important to keep an eye on your Rottweiler’s shedding habits.

Tips For Reducing Rottweiler Shedding

General shedding or excessive hair loss during the shedding season is perfectly natural, but there are some things that you can do to reduce shedding and keep your Rottweilers coat in good condition.


Ensuring that your dog’s skin, body, and coat are healthy is important, and owners should take a careful approach to this. This means making sure that your dog is eating and treated well so that you know what signs to spot if your pooch is feeling poorly or exhibiting odd behavior.

Diet & Nutrition

If your Rottweiler has a poor diet, it will induce more shedding than normal. This could be a result of not eating enough, or even eating lower-quality dog food.

It is recommended that a Rottweiler’s diet is made up of 22-24% protein. This should come from nutrient-rich sources such as chicken, turkey, and lamb. Herring is also a good source of both protein and fish oil, which is good for joints.

An important nutritional note to make is that feeding Rottweiler puppies an adult food diet can benefit them. Rottweiler puppies grow rapidly, and this can often cause joint problems in later life. An adult diet will give your dog more support as they grow.

An adult Rottweiler will require around 2,100 calories per day, and shouldn’t weigh more than 125 pounds. Being underweight or overweight can cause an increase in how much these dogs shed.

Food allergies can also result in excessive shedding, and that is something owners should be mindful of. Rottweilers shed more if they have allergy issues, and they are more sensitive than other breeds.

Another issue that Rottweilers suffer from more than other breeds, is a sensitive stomach. There is a higher percentage of Rottweilers with problems like colitis and canine inflammatory bowel disease, which is another reason to feed your Rottweiler high-quality dog foods.

Do Rottweilers shed?

As we’ve established, these big and strong dogs are historically used to getting plenty of exercise. This doesn’t mean that you should have them out in the fields all day, but they will need lots of time outside.

At the very least your dog will need 2 hours of exercise per day, to stay in top shape. A lack of exercise will result in your dog’s coat becoming thinner, upsetting their natural shedding habits.

The reason for this is that most dogs use exercise time, to reduce stress levels. Rottweilers shed more when they are not being exercised enough, because of increased stress levels.

Aim to take your dog out for long walks, and let them roam in your yard or garden to help them blow off some steam, and minimize shedding.


During the year a Rottweiler should be bathed once every 6 weeks, but owners can increase this during the heavy shedding seasons. Washing the dog’s coat with a natural dog shampoo is great for removing old hair from the coat.

If you wash your Rottie’s coat too frequently, it can upset the natural oils on your dog’s body, resulting in dry skin and possibly even skin infections. This is a great way to clear through any dead hair and reduce the risk of any infestations.

Dogs with double coats benefit greatly from a good wash during shedding season. Because of the double coat, however, and the size of an adult Rottweiler, it will take a lot of effort and time to dry the coat out fully.

Washing a dog of this size is quite a task, and most dog owners with a Rottweiler prefer to use a professional grooming service.

Managing Rottweilers Shedding

Given how much Rottweilers shed, owners can expect quite a lot of loose hair around the home, on clothing, and on furniture. Heading to work with a suit covered in dog fur isn’t a good look, so it’s important to know both how to manage shedding and the best way to remove pet hair.

For moderate shedders like a Rottweiler, tools such as a pet hair lint roller are of great use. These gadgets feature a roll of adhesive, which is very efficient at tearing dog hair away from clothing and soft furnishings.

Double coat breeds will shed fur that is both long and soft, and short wiry hairs from the undercoat. A lint hair remover is great for picking up both.

Additionally, owners should use a pet hair remover to gather hair on soft surfaces. Loose fur that is left on furniture can quickly bed in, making cleaning tricky.

Using a tool to remove loose hairs once every couple of days will be enough. This will prevent loose hair from finding its way onto your clothing.

Given a Rottie’s shedding habits, discipline at home is important. This means not allowing them onto furniture, and teaching them which area of the home is theirs. Isolating your dog like this will minimize how much hair you see around the house.

Do Rottweilers shed?

Rottweiler Grooming Tips

A well-groomed dog will not shed hair at quite the rate as a poorly-groomed dog. Grooming will ensure that your dog sheds naturally, that they have healthy skin, that there are no hair growth issues, and that the loose hair is contained.

As mentioned, using a grooming service is best for washing a Rottweiler, but many dog owners will take on some of the work at home, with regular brushing.

Brushing Rottweilers is something that they enjoy because it can relax them and it is also great for keeping their coat healthy. The thick double coat can harbor loose hair, and brushing with a slicker brush is a great way to pull that out.

When grooming your dog you can also use a bristle brush or a traditional pin brush, owing to the thickness of Rottweiler coats. Brushing will stimulate hair growth, remove loose dog hair, and prevent matting. The more fur you get off when brushing, the less you’ll see on the floor.

Use grooming to prevent heavier shedding, but also to check your dog’s hair and nails for any issues. Owners should learn to recognize early signs of any health issues such as ear infections or irritations.


Rottweilers may not be one of the more popular dog breeds, likely because of the unfair reputation they have. We’d certainly encourage you to learn more about these strong and loving dogs and consider bringing one into the home. It is worth noting that these are not hypoallergenic dogs, so if you do have allergy sufferers in the house, a Rottweiler wouldn’t be a good idea. If this is not the case, a Rottweiler will be a welcome addition to any household.


Are Rottweilers high maintenance?

Rottweilers shed a lot, eat a lot and require at least a couple of hours of exercise per day. This is what makes them a high-maintenance breed.

Are Rottweilers good house dogs?

Yes. Rottweilers are one of the best house dogs, assuming that they have enough space to move around in.

Do Rottweilers like to cuddle?

Rottweilers do like to cuddle, once they know that everyone in the home is safe and that their work is done.


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