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How Much Do Pomeranians Shed?

Do Pomeranians shed a lot? Here we take a deep dive into Pom shedding behavior, and how much hair you'll need to clean if you get a Pomeranian as your next dog
do pomeranians shed

If you have ever clapped eyes on a Pomeranian then you’ll know what a delight of a dog breed these little beauties are. Not only does a little Pomeranian look like it’s constantly smiling at you, but this is also a dainty, and lovable pooch that you cannot help but pet and adore. But how much do Pomeranians shed? Many of you may be thinking about acquiring this breed and wondering about the maintenance required.

Do Pomeranians Shed A Lot?

Pomeranian shedding is considered as being moderate to high. The Pom’s coat is complex and throughout its life, it will go through several shedding stages. They offer love and a fun presence in the house, but their double coat and propensity to shed so much fur will mean you’ll be doing plenty of cleaning. If you are on the lookout for a new furry friend that doesn’t shed much, this will not be a great option for you.

When Do Pomeranians Shed?

when do pomeranians shed  

Now let’s get into when Pomeranians shed, as its shedding cycle through life is a little complex. First up we have what is often referred to as the ‘puppy uglies’.

This is when a Pomeranian puppy loses its soft, fluffy fur, and grows its adult coat. During this time you’ll see your Pomeranian puppy shedding a lot of fur around the place. This happens with all Poms at around the 4 to 6-month mark. You can expect to see them lose the puppy coat entirely by the time they are 10 months. When it loses its puppy fur, it is often in something of an abstract and uneven way, leaving your pooch to look a little odd for a short time. You can also expect to see your dog’s fur change color, as the puppy’s fur is usually darker than its adult coat. Once the adult Pomeranian coat has grown in fully, it will begin an annual shedding cycle. Whereas some dog breeds have a shedding season, Pomeranian shedding generally continues throughout the year. Pomeranian shedding may be worse during the months before winter and summer – although less noticeably so than with other double-coated dogs. It should be noted that you are likely to see a higher level of loose hair than you’ll see during the Pomeranian puppy shedding phase. Beyond its year-round, puppy, and seasonal shedding behaviors, female Pomeranians shed a great deal after they have weaned the litter. This is perfectly natural for many female dogs, and you should expect some seriously heavy shedding during this time.

Why Do Pomeranians Shed?

An adult Pomeranian’s coat has a thick underlayer of coarse and short hair, this is to protect the dog from the sun’s rays and cold climates. This double coat is finished with a top layer of fluffy, long guard hairs, designed to protect it from wind, rain, and anything else the elements have to throw at it. The Pom’s coat is built this way because of the colder climates in which they were bred, across Poland and Germany. For your Pomeranian, shedding is critical to maintaining the integrity of its adult coat, ensuring that it best protects them. Twice a year, Pom owners can expect their dog to blow its coat, during which time you’ll see heavy shedding. This process will ensure that the adult coat is fit for purpose ahead of warmer or cooler months.

Tips For Reducing Pomeranian Shedding

There are ways in which pom owners can reduce the amount of dog hair around the place, even during shedding season.


All dogs shed more than is necessary if they are not in good shape. This is exactly why owners must ensure that they have a healthy dog, and contribute to improving its lifestyle and general health. Pomeranian shedding is noticeably worse when they have health concerns or illnesses.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet and nutrition are so important when it comes to a dog’s coat looking good, and Pomeranians are no different. Pomeranian hair changes in quality very quickly when they are malnourished or if they have a poor diet. Given that Pomeranian dogs won’t eat a high volume of food, they require nutrient-dense meals. This will help to keep them full of energy and ensure that the Pomeranian’s double coat is in good health. A good rule of thumb is to feed a Pomeranian 40% meat, poultry, or fish, 30% starch products, and 30% vegetables. A Pom’s fur will also benefit from supplements such as Omega-3. The Pomeranian should be fed 3 to 4 times per day, to keep it healthy and minimize shedding.


pomeranian shedding Another way to keep Pomeranian shedding to a minimum is making sure they have enough exercise each day. This boosts cell growth and repair, which keeps the dog’s skin and hair in great shape. Given how small the Pom is, they don’t need to put in too many miles each day. Just 30 minutes of exercise per day is enough for a healthy lifestyle. Pomeranian puppies, of course, will require less exercise.


Another approach that will help reduce a Pomeranian’s shedding is a consistent bathing schedule. Washing these thick double coats can be done weekly at a minimum, but shouldn’t be left for longer than 3 weeks. This is unless your pooch has been exploring and left covered in mud and dirt. These heavy-shedding dogs will leave your tub full of dog fur, so be prepared before you get started. Double-coated breeds also need lots of time for the inner and outer coats to dry. Even a small dog like a Pomeranian has a dense undercoat that takes longer to dry than many owners realize.

Tips To Help You Manage Pomeranian Shedding

Assuming the dog is healthy, the biggest challenge with Pomeranian shedding is how to manage the dead fur and hair loss around the house. For those who do have dog breeds like this, there are numerous ways in which to combat the pet dander and hair around the place. Excessive shedding leaves hair on the floor, furniture, and frustratingly, on people’s clothes. For this reason, it is a good idea to keep a couple of pet hair lint rollers around the home.


A lint roller is lightweight and low-cost, featuring a single roll of adhesive paper that can pull the hair right off the surface. Keeping the tool handy means you can quickly remove hair before it becomes matted to clothing or furniture. For those with carpets and soft furnishings, a pet hair remover is a great gadget that can be used to loosen up hair from fabrics or carpeted steps. Given how much a Pomeranian loses its hair, owners should look to avoid giving their dog free rein of the home.


Instead, look to isolate them in one or two rooms, making it easier to clean up the fallen fur. This is particularly important during the puppy shedding phase, as those hairs can be very tricky to clean up. Beyond this, regular brushing and vacuuming of floors and carpets are necessary. The longer that fur stays on the floor, the further it will travel and the deeper it will be pushed into soft furnishings and carpets – especially the longer guard hairs. You may have to increase your cleaning frequency when these dogs are going through the seasonal shedding cycle.

Pomeranian Grooming Tips

do pomeranians shed a lot  

We have already touched on the importance of bathing puppy and adult Pomeranians, as well as how often. When it comes to products, however, owners must use a dog shampoo, preferably one that is designed with heavy shedders like the Pomeranian in mind.

A single-coat product, for example, may not minimize fur loss for a Pom. There are additional grooming tips that are equally as necessary as regular bathing. The most important of these is regular brushing. Simply take a slicker brush or a specifically designed de-shedding tool, and give the coat a good brush from head to claws. This will not so much minimize the Pom’s shedding, but it will keep it in one area.


Some owners find that their Pomeranian’s skin can be sensitive, so buying proper grooming equipment is necessary here. Using hard brushes that may be alright on other dogs, can cause issues with the Pom’s sensitive skin. Owners don’t necessarily need to brush the Pomeranian daily, but giving the coat a brush once every couple of days will help to contain the fur and reduce shedding around the home.


Shedding is part and parcel of owning a Pomeranian, but you shouldn’t let that put you off. Poms lose hair yet give a huge amount of love, and bring life into any home. That furry coat looks incredible, even if it can be problematic during seasonal sheds. The American kennel club describes the Pom as ‘inquisitive, lively,’ and ‘bold’, and we couldn’t agree more.


Are Pomeranians hypoallergenic?

Owing to the makeup of its coat and the volume of fur that is shed compared with other dogs, Pomeranians cannot be considered hypoallergenic.

Are Pomeranians high shedding?

Yes. Pomeranian shedding is considered moderate to high. For this dog, shed behavior is much higher before the winter and summer months.

Does Pomeranian bark a lot?

Poms do bark a lot, something that potential owners have to consider. They can be trained to do so less, but generally, they are noisy little pooches.

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