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How Much Do Chihuahuas Shed?

do chihuahuas shed

Do chihuahuas shed more than other little dogs? Contrary to what you may have heard, chihuahua shedding is very real. Chihuahuas do shed a moderate or average amount when compared to other small dogs. Pet owners looking to acquire one are often wondering about the maintenance required with ownership. Below we break down the shedding behaviors of these tiny little dogs and ways to manage them.

Do Chihuahuas Shed A Lot?

Now that we have shattered the myth about chihuahuas not shedding hair, you are probably wondering how much hair loss to expect. As you can probably imagine, this is a dog breed that doesn’t shed a great deal. After all, look at the size of them! There are different varieties of this dog breed, such as the long-haired and short-haired chihuahua. Oddly enough it is the short-haired variety that loses a little more fur than its long-haired cousin.

Why Does a Chihuahua Shed So Much?

It can be quite startling to see the level of shedding that these little dogs are capable of, especially when you see their size. In reality, the amount of dead hair that you will find on the floor around the home isn’t that abundant, it often looks worse than it is. Even the long-haired chihuahua has relatively short hair, and this is why it appears so plentiful. As they shed their coat, owners will find lots of little bristles around the place, and this is what gives the appearance of excessive shedding. Both long and short-haired chihuahuas will shed a good amount, to ensure that they are fully protected for the upcoming season.

When Do Chihuahuas Shed?

shot haired chihuahua Whereas some dogs will only shed their coat in the fall and spring, a chihuahua can be shedding throughout the year. Your pooch will also shed more in the run-up to summer and winter. The reason behind its seasonal shedding is to make sure that its coat is fit for purpose ahead of warmer or cooler months. In terms of shedding throughout the year, many highlight the dog’s size as a reason why all of its coat needs to be as healthy as can be. Larger dogs can afford to blow its coat once or twice a year, but the little chihuahua needs more upkeep than this. Throughout the year you can expect minimal shedding in comparison to how it sheds during spring and fall.

How To Prevent Chihuahua Shedding

Stopping your chihuahua from shedding is not possible, at least not entirely. In reality, this isn’t something we should do even if we could. Your chihuahua sheds its coat with good reason, and we shouldn’t prevent nature from taking its course. If you are sick and tired of cleaning up those little hairs that get deposited around the home throughout the year, there are some tips you could follow to at least minimize shedding. The amount of dead hair that falls off the chihuahua is a direct result of many different factors, and you can improve things for yourself and your dog. Here we look into how you can ensure your long or short-haired chihuahua is shedding a normal amount of hair.

Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise are two critical components in the general health of your chihuahua and its coat. So many dog owners don’t pay attention to the food that they give their dogs, and this can have a negative impact on their well-being. It is important that you don’t just focus on what your dog can eat, and instead on what they need to eat from a nutritional standpoint. The chihuahua is a very sensitive pooch, and its diet has a huge impact on its general well-being and mood. You should look to feed your chihuahua foods that are rich in fatty acids, and vitamins like E and A. When your chihuahua consumes dog food that is rich in, Omega-6 fatty acids linoleic acid, for example, you will see a near-instant benefit in the appearance of its coat. The better that your pooch eats, the stronger and healthier its coat will be, and the less excessive hair you will see falling. This goes for both coat types, short and long hair. Exercise is also important for your chihuahua and will boost its physical and mental health. Stress is a common cause of excessive shedding and exercise is your best weapon in combatting this. The chihuahua is a small dog that physically feels every emotion and the more that they exercise, the more they can cope with stress. Through exercise, your dog will aid increase the production of new cells, which will boost the immune system and increases organ function.


long haired chihuahua One of the best ways to minimize how much of its fur your chihuahua sheds, is to ensure that its coat is in good health. Bathing your chihuahua is an effective way to do just this. Giving your little chihuahua a regular bath will help in several ways, especially regarding its shedding behaviors. When you bathe the dog and use high-quality products to boost its coat health, you will be able to minimize the amount of hair it generally sheds. Additionally, as you bathe your little chihuahua, you will be helping to remove some of the excess hair from its undercoat. The hairs that come away during a bath, would have ended up on the floor of your home, so you can minimize cleaning in this way too. Both the long-haired and short-haired chihuahuas will shed lots of tiny hairs from their undercoats, which is why bathing them regularly is recommended for owners. And finally, given the size of a chihuahua, bathing them is relatively easy and they dry off very quickly indeed. There are times when chihuahua owners are the envy of other dog owners, and bath time is one of them!


After you have had the chihuahua in the bath, its coat will benefit greatly from regular brushing. This helps both the chihuahua and the owner in managing shedding. Regular brushing will help to improve the health of the dog’s coat, and support in reducing any matting. Additionally, it will help to remove loose hair from the top and bottom layers of the summer or winter coat. In supporting this, a chihuahua’s body will be fully protected by the new coat coming through. Instead of having to clean up hair from all corners of the home, owners can instead brush it all off at once, making tidying far easier.

Grooming Your Chihuahua

chihuahua grooming The key to making sure that your chihuahua is well-groomed is consistency. A grooming routine will minimize shedding and ensure that your dog’s coat is healthy. When you wash your chihuahua’s coat, make sure that you use a shampoo that has been specially designed for dogs and not human shampoo. We have different natural oils in our hair and human shampoo can be abrasive when used on dogs. For a healthy coat use vet-recommended shampoo, or you could use anti-shed shampoo if your chihuahua is shedding more than usual. After the bath, brushing your chihuahua will prevent excessive shedding and help them to maintain a healthy coat. Expect quite a bit of hair to come off when you brush your dog, especially if you have a short-haired chihuahua. A chihuahua’s winter coat in particular has lots of these small bristles, that come away when you are brushing. It is better to brush as many hairs off now, to minimize how many you have to sweep up around the home.

Cleaning Chihuahua Hair From Around The House

No amount of grooming or brushing will fully prevent your chihuahua’s hair from falling out around the home. When this happens you need to know the best ways to clean it up, to make your life that little bit easier. Sweeping the floors with a brush or vacuuming the carpets will help to keep things clean. With this said you will find hair around every nook and cranny, so you need more than just a brush to cope with all of this shedding.

Pet Hair Lint Roller

A pet hair lint roller is a great tool to have on hand and will help you to clean up the bits of coat that your pooch has left behind. A shedding chihuahua isn’t aware of just how much hair falls from its coat, so it will still jump all over you and your furniture. A lint roller is a hand-held tool that has a handle at one end and at the other, a roll of adhesive paper. The roll of paper features multiple layers, that unfurl as you continue to use the tool. Simply remove the protective paper layer, revealing the adhesive layer underneath. Now roll the product over any affected areas and watch as the hairs stick to the roller. This is one of the best tools to combat the hairs left behind by a shedding dog. Anyone who owns a pet would be wise to invest in one or more of these rollers.


Pet Hair Removal Tool

There is no downside to the lint roller, although you may need more to remove hairs deeply embedded in fabrics, furniture, or your carpet. For this reason, it is also worth investing in a pet hair removal tool, an ideal option alternative to a brush for getting fur off furniture and clothing. This tool looks a little like a garden hoe, yet much smaller and with a scraper at one end to grab loose hairs. This is an inexpensive tool that is handy to have around the home.



There is no amount of brushing or bathing that you can do to stop a chihuahua from shedding. What you can do, however, is to groom your pet chihuahua regularly to minimize shedding.


If you bring a chihuahua into your home, shedding will not be a big concern, but something that you simply need to be aware of. Although cleaning up may be a pain, you can guarantee a lot of love in return.


Are Chihuahuas Hypoallergenic

No. Because of the amount of shedding, a chihuahua is not hypoallergenic.

How Do I Stop My Chihuahua from shedding?

You cannot stop your chihuahua from shedding. Using the tips we have mentioned here, you can minimize how much of its coat will be lost from shedding.

Do Short-Hair Chihuahuas Shed?

Yes. The short-haired chihuahua will blow its coat in spring and fall and shed throughout the year.

Do Chihuahuas Like to Cuddle?

Your chihuahua will love being cuddled and cared for by you. This is a playful dog that loves human interaction, including cuddles.

Are There Chihuahuas That Don’t Shed?

No. The chihuahua is a low-shedding dog, but there isn’t a non-shedding variety.

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