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How To Get Rid of Dog Hair Everywhere

how to get rid of dog hair everywhere

Dog hair can be a real nuisance, especially when your pooch is going through shedding season. But even if your dog sheds all year long, there are methods to prevent dog hair from building up and how to remove it once it has fallen. We have some top tips for you on how to get rid of dog hair everywhere around the house and other places you may bring your pet.

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Dog Hair Everywhere

Knowing how to get rid of dog hair is all about finding what works best for you, in different situations. Throughout the collection of tips we have for you, it may be that some work better with your dog’s hair than others.

Some dogs shed very fine hair, others shed in clumps, and some dog fur is a mixture of it all. Whether light or excessive shedding, in your car, on furniture, or on clothing, hair from dogs gets everywhere, and these are some of the best ways to clean it up when it does.


Pet fur in vehicles gets into some of the most problematic places, which is why why many keep their dog or cat in a crate when they are transporting it. Unlike a floor or a sofa, cars have several surfaces, with many crevices and tight spots to consider.

If you have had a pet inside your vehicle, be sure to get it cleaned up sooner rather than later. Loose hairs can build up and stick to anything in the car and cause issues for some time to come.

You can use a pet hair lint roller or even a damp rubber glove to get rid of those annoying little hairs inside the car. Also, throw blankets and covers can help protect your car seats from getting drenched with hair.

The best tool you have at your disposal is elbow grease, and you’ll need plenty to get rid of all the hair. For more on keeping your vehicle clean from pet hairs, visit our guide here.



dog hair on floors

There are multiple ways to get pet hair completely off of your furniture. Since there is a wide range of fabrics, your method of cleaning your furniture will vary.

For example, loose dog hair can embed itself very deeply into velvet cushions, making it very hard to remove. Outdoor furniture is often made with canvas, which hair and dander are rather easy to remove from once given a shake.

Most furniture can be cleaned with a damp sponge, lint rollers, or even duct tape to pick up and remove hair. For more stubborn fabrics where lint and hair get deeply embedded, a pet hair removal tool may work best to dig up debris and dirt.

For other ways to protect furniture from dog hair, be sure to check out more tips in our blog post here.



Pet hair gets on clothing all of the time, usually after we have spent some time giving our furry friends some love and care. Knowing what the right approach is to removing pet hair is essential to ensure that your clothing always looks good.

One common mistake that many make is thinking that washing clothes will remove all dog hairs instantly. What happens here is that you end up with pet hair all over your washing machine, lint trap, and detergent drawers.

If you get your washing machine covered in pet hair, it will then stick to just about everything that you place inside it in the future. It’s generally a better idea to lint roll your clothing and garments, shake out your blankets, and then throw it in a drying cycle before the washing machine.

To learn more about what tools you should be using on your clothes, as well as some hacks for getting loose fur off your garments like dryer sheets and balls, check out our guide here.

How To Control Dog Hair In the House

how to control dog hair in the house

Controlling dog hair in the house can be a difficult task, but there are steps every pet owner can take to prevent fur from spreading. Different dog breeds shed different amounts, but there is still a lot that you can do to stay on top of this.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can minimize shedding and the mess that your furry friend causes around the home with their excess hair.

Groom and Bathe Regularly

Your best weapon in the fight against excess fur is regular grooming. This will ensure that any pet hair is removed before it falls, meaning that you can control exactly where it comes off.

Additionally, you should look to bathe your canine friend once every couple of weeks, to ensure they have a healthy coat. Give them a quick wash with a great doggy product, not human shampoo as it can irritate them.

A great tip is to fill a spray bottle with dry shampoo and use it every couple of days. This way you can wash your pets without the grand production of bathing them.

Vacuum Daily

Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet running throughout the home, make sure that you get the vacuum cleaner out daily. You could sweep hardwood floors if you wish, but the vacuum is quicker and more convenient.

Vacuuming often will prevent hair and dander from building up and having your dog track it throughout your home. A brush or a dog fur scraper can be great at loosening up hair from carpeted steps and sofas so that you can go over it them one final time with the vacuum.

There are vacuum machines specifically designed for cleaning up after pets, which come with a variety of attachments made for getting in those hard-to-reach places where hair dwells.

Air Purifier

Air purifiers are a fantastic way for you to control pet hair at home. In particular, these machines are very good at clearing pet dander from the air. Dander is what causes people with allergies to sniff and sneeze.

Not all air purifiers can do a great job with pet hair, however, so you will need to pay attention to the quality of the product that you are buying. Always check to make sure your air filters throughout the house are kept clean.

If dander is a problem in your home, check out some more quality tips here on keeping higher air quality throughout your home.

Clean Floors

Hardwood and vinyl flooring should all be cleaned regularly to stop people from tracking dog hairs all through the home. If you don’t clean the floor regularly, people wearing socks will attract pet hair to their feet, and then drop it off as they wander from room to room.

This is less likely if you have carpets at home, although they bring similar problems with collecting dog and cat hair. Keep a mop, broom, dustpan, and vacuum handy.

Dusting Often

Removing pet hair from furniture often doesn’t take much effort, but you will have to be consistent with dusting the surfaces throughout your home. If you have dust that has settled on the TV, shelving, or other units around the home, they can be a magnet for pet hair.

Cleaning and Grooming Tools

pet hair everywhere

The right tools will go a long way in trying to keep your home spotless when living with a dog. Grooming tools such as slicker brushes or de-shedding combs are great to keep your dog’s coat clean and reduce the amount of loose hair found around the house.

Hair cleaning tools such as PetLovers extra sticky lint roller and Ezlint pet hair remover are ideal for making sure that your furniture and clothing are free from pet hair. These tools are ideal to leave around the house, but also reusable and portable for when you travel with your pet.


Having Designated Areas

The best way to control pet hair is to only allow your pet into certain areas of the house. This is easier said than done of course, but try to train your dog not to get on the furniture or even section off certain rooms to avoid having to clean them.

Having a designated dog bed or pad for your pet’s sleeping arrangement, for example, will allow you to avoid having to consistently try to remove hair from your own bed and sheets.

Healthy Diet & Exercise

The healthier and the fitter your dog is, the less hair it will shed around the home. This will not stop them from shedding completely, but it will control the amount of fur that they lose.

The amount of exercise your dog needs depends on its age, level of fitness, and breed. Speak with your vet and they can tell you how much exercise your dog should be doing.

Much like making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, you should also ensure that they are eating a balanced diet. Poor nutrition is a big factor in your pet’s increased shedding.

A healthy nutrient diet of fatty acids and proteins will help your pets in so many ways. You’ll notice the difference in how much they shed once you improve what’s in their food bowl.

High-quality dog food and supplements will help support your dog’s skin and can prevent excess shedding. Losing hair is normal but excess shedding is generally due to a poor diet, and probably a lack of essential fatty acids.

Vet Checkups

Finally, you must attend the vet for regular checkups. Usually, this will be on a six-month basis, but speak with your vet and see what is best for your specific pet. For younger dogs, you may only need to go once a year, as older dogs likely need to go more regularly.

Speak to your vet or a professional groomer for tips on high-quality cleaning products, nutrient foods, and your dog’s overall health. If your dog seems to be shedding more than normal, a vet checkup will lead you to the root of the problem and provide you with the best health tips.

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