Extra Sticky Pet Hair Lint Rollers


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An individual PetLovers lint roller featuring our spiraled easy-peel sheets for a total of 90 sheets. We’ve continuously revised, updated, and now formulated our newest and most effective roller yet.

– Our Canine Executive Officer Jax the Husky graciously shed plenty of hair to evaluate and make sure our extra sticky adhesive effectively picks up pet hair. Besides pet hair removal, our sticky roller is excellent for picking up dust, dirt, and lint with ease leaving your area sleek and clean.
– Our handle was designed for effortless 360° rotation back and forth for a frustration free rolling experience. There’s no need to be concerned with or ease of use or about rolling in a specific direction.
– With PetLovers extra sticky adhesive, your lint roller doubles as a grooming tool that noticeably removes more hair, dust, and lint from your pets, furniture, clothing, and carpet.
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Alina Therese

They solved the lint roller mystery

Wow wow wow do these work! Lint rollers. You know the struggle of tearing a new sheet and loosing half of your fresh paper. Or it unraveling uneven like stupid masking tape. Nope, these are fresh and even every time. Truly, every time. I have 3 around my house and not once has it come off uneven! I've been waiting to review it but they figured it out! Its possible! I kept the paper cover and when I'm done, rip a fresh sheet and restick the paper on so its ready to go. It not only looks better sitting there but when you need it, it's ready. Thank you guys for solving this dreaded mystery. Now to fix masking tape?


Great value and quality!

To test, I used these on a comforter one of my cats loves to sit on. I have two, and they both shed everywhere. I needed some lint rollers fast, it was a rare occasion that I could get out the door without one of them finding my clean pants. The pictures speak for themselves though, these lint rollers work great!


Best lint roller I have found

Love how easy it is to pull a used sheet off and how sticky these are. Plus they are more attractive looking than many rollers.

Andrew Tardieu

Super sticky!

These were super sticky and easy to use. Worked much better than the last ones I bought. Will buy again