Are Lint Rollers Worth It?

Many pet owners agree that lint rollers are worth it, but you must choose a quality lint roller that picks up pet hair efficiently and quickly.

The secret to a good lint roller is in how much pet hair it picks up per sheet with the least amount of effort and finagling.

With easy-peel sheets, an ergonomic handle, and readily available refill rolls, Pet Lovers is the top choice for thousands of pet owners.

See if lint rollers are the right choice for you and your pet. With over 10,000 five-star reviews from real customers, choose the lint roller created for pet owners, by pet owners today.

Order Lint Rollers Bulk

Not many manufacturers offer lint rollers bulk, which can make it difficult for multi-pet households to keep up with the demands of cleaning without breaking the bank.

Fortunately, a few brands do offer bulk packs of rollers and roller refills, making affordable cleaning options available to pet lovers all over the world.

Pet Lovers brand lint rollers are quality rollers available for an affordable price so you can treat your pets to something nice or spend a little extra quality time with them at the end of the night with less stress.

For Commercial or Residential Use

Bulk discounts aren’t limited to resellers. If you have space to store the lint rollers at home or have a commercial use for this tool, purchasing lint rollers bulk is a smart decision.

Purchasing in bulk allows you to take advantage of bulk discounts and order less often compared to smaller packs of lint rollers, storing the excess away for when you need it next.

Bulk packs include a protective paper label to prevent the sticky paper underneath from losing efficacy. These should still be stored in a dry place, or in a plastic bin to prevent moisture from removing its stickiness in storage.

Whether you are cleaning up pet hair or chasing away dust bunnies, lint rollers can be used both in residential and commercial spaces.

Which Is Better, Lint Roller or Lint Brush?

Many pet owners will argue that one tool is better than the other. Most often, this comes down to the lint roller versus the lint brush.

Lint rollers have sticky plastic sheets that are disposable when full, making clean-up easy. Lint brushes, on the other hand, are reusable brushes with a soft cloth instead of bristles, collecting fur with static electricity build-up.

Ultimately, different tools will work better for different households and appeal to different pet owners’ preferences.

Lint brushes are commonly chosen as they are seen as a more sustainable reusable option, but they lose efficacy quickly.

Lint rollers are commonly chosen as they can maneuver around surfaces easier and collect more pet hair due to the rolling motion and sticky pads.

Durable Reusable Handle and Refill Packs

Do you find yourself purchasing lint rollers frequently? It’s time to end the constant purchasing and use a quality lint roller that picks up more pet hair per sheet.

At Pet Lovers, the ergonomic and durable handles that come with our lint rollers are not only meant to make lint rolling easier, but it helps the rollers withstand wear and tear over time so that they can be reused.

When your refill pack arrives, these rolls can replace your empty roll, allowing you to re-use the same handle and keep excessive plastic waste out of the landfill.

The savings in production cost is then passed on to you through our Pet Lovers discount when you select auto-ship at checkout.

Never Run Out: Save More With Auto-Ship

With Pet Lovers’ auto-ship discounts, you’ll save on recurring orders by signing up with an auto-ship subscription.

There are so many other distractions in life, it can be easy to forget about re-ordering lint roller refills. This subscription ensures that you’ll get your delivery of lint roller refills every time, without having to remember.

When ordering, select the auto-ship option and the timeline you’d like to receive recurring orders on. We’ll automatically place your new order for you using the same payment method so you don’t have to fuss with additional logins and purchases.

Plus, if you use more or fewer rollers than expected, you can always edit your auto-ship subscription to adjust the delivery timeline to your needs.

Auto-ship makes keeping up with household cleaning a little easier, so you can enjoy more time with your pets.