How to Use a Lint Roller

Learning how to use a lint roller is easy, and it quickly becomes an intuitive sort of art that you are familiar with, no matter what surface you are using it on.

Be sure to select a quality lint roller to make the process easier and time-saving, like Pet Lovers’ extra sticky or mini travel rollers.

When looking for a lint roller, you always want to ensure that it has a smooth roll, and the sticky paper doesn’t slide down the roll when you are wiping the roller across surfaces horizontally. These are both signs of a quality lint roller that will last longer and save time during cleaning.

A quality lint roller makes all the difference, with premium sticky pads and a durable, ergonomic handle that staves away hand cramps while cleaning, and diagonal-tear sticky paper is perforated to help you unravel a new sheet in the natural rolling direction.

To use your lint roller effectively, start with a clean sheet. Once you’ve identified an area that has pet fur or dust to collect, press the roller on the outside of the surface with a moderate amount of pressure, and roll horizontally across the target area.

Repeat underneath the first starting point until you’ve covered the whole area that you need to clean.

Some people also prefer to roll across the target surface with short, stunted rolls, which is a great technique if you are trying to pick up a large amount of hair that has collected on the surface.

How to Clean a Lint Roller

Cleaning a lint roller is easy, especially when you use paper rollers with diagonal cuts.

Once your sheet is full of fur, find the top corner of the sheet and pull it up with your finger or fingernail. Peel the paper back, revealing the clean sheet underneath. Once you reach the perforation, gentle downward pressure should help you tear the perforation apart so that a single sheet comes away from the roller.

Some companies provide square-cut sheets, but these can be more difficult, and often run out faster as they use more sheets for the same amount of surface area on the roller, and 3 or 4 sheets must be discarded at a time.

Refilling a Lint Roller

It’s not common for a company to provide lint roller refills. Most brands design their products for one-time use with disposable handles and all.

Throwing away the whole lint roller, however, is a wasteful option that puts thousands of lint rollers in the landfill. Furthermore, they design their rollers with this in mind, so little attention goes into the ergonomic comfort of the handle, which leads to hand cramps and uncomfortable rolling.

By switching to a company that provides refill rolls, you can take comfort in your waste reduction.

Refilling a Pet Lovers lint roller is easy. Once the roll has run out, simply press the cardboard roll between your thumb and forefinger. This should squeeze the material just enough so that it can be ejected from the bottom of the roller.

Reverse the process with a fresh roll – before you’ve taken the label off – to put the replacement roll back on. Make sure the replacement roll is fully locked in place so that it does not slide off while rolling, peel off the paper label, and you’re done!

How to Store a Lint Roller

Storing a lint roller is easy, and there are multiple ways to keep the roller depending on your preferences.

The first method is by keeping the final dirty sheet on the roller so you can unroll a fresh sheet when you’re ready to use the lint roller next time.

The second method is to store the lint roller with the paper label carefully replaced on it so that it does not lose its stickiness collecting dust while in storage.

The third method is to store the lint roller in a plastic, lidded bin with wax paper on the bottom.

If you are storing multiple lint rollers this way without their paper label, be sure to place wax paper between each roller so they do not stick together.

Other Ways to Use a Lint Roller Around Your Home

You probably know that lint rollers are great for cleaning pet hair off couches, clothes, countertops, and many other surfaces in the home. (1) Despite the easy-rolling, sticky cleaning action that a lint roller provides, few people think about picking these up during their regular shopping rounds.

Did you know that lint rollers also have a lot of other great uses that aren’t limited to pet hair? A lint roller can pick up everything from dander to dust, dirt, food crumbs, small shards of broken glass, and other debris around the home that accrues over time.

You can also use lint rollers to pick up those stubborn pet hairs from your clothes.


Extra sticky Pet Lovers rollers are especially useful, as they pick up more small debris like dust and dander than other brands, with an ergonomic handle and refillable rolls, making them an excellent choice for everyday cleaning and household maintenance.

With a smooth 360-degree roll, wiping up dust and dirt has never been easier, and the short and thin profile of a lint roller can easily clean nooks and crannies of couch cushions, countertop corners, and refrigerator shelves, all without taking apart furniture or pulling everything off frequently used surfaces.

Clean a Keyboard

If you don’t have any canned air around, cleaning a keyboard is easy with a lint roller. While this works best on keyboards with gaps between the keys, it can also help keep some of the dust away from other keyboard styles as well.

With your computer turned off, or your keyboard unplugged lay it on a flat surface and slide the lint roller smoothly over the keys until there is no more visible dust or debris on the surface. You should see lots of specks of dust, pet hair, and other debris stuck to the lint roller.

Clean Broken Glass

Accidents happen, and sometimes it happens with glass. No matter what the glass object used to be, it’s always problematic to clean up as you have to get hazardous shards out of the walking path.

Even minuscule shards can be painful to step on, leading to glass splinters and sharp foot pains. Fortunately, keeping a lint roller on hand is a great way to remove these tiny shards.

Once you’ve picked up the larger glass pieces and disposed of them safely, give the whole surface a good roll with a lint roller. The sticky paper will pick up any leftover glass shards, even if they’re difficult to see or sweep up.

Clean a Dirty Car Seat

Vehicle seating is difficult to tackle because you can’t remove the cushions like you can with a couch or upholstered chair, but food crumbs, dust, and dirt still get stuck in the folds.

A lint roller can help remove this grime, easily fitting between the cushions and rolling across to collect debris from both sides.

Once one sheet is full, peel and refresh the roller to give it another roll until you no longer see debris collecting on the sticky sheets.

Clean Lampshades and Curtains

Lampshades and curtains are both two items in the home that often go without dusting or vacuuming because the fabric is either too fragile to handle the treatment, or the surface is too difficult to manipulate. Fortunately, lint rollers are small, and the smooth-rolling motion makes it easy to clean both surfaces.

Hold a portion of your curtain taught and roll the lint roller down, catching stray dust, dander, and loose fibers that have floated onto the surface of your curtains. Repeat this in sections until your curtain has been completely rolled.

For lampshades, use your free hand to hold the shade or lamp base steady, and give the shade a gentle swipe with the lint roller from top to bottom, rotating around the shade until you’ve worked each part of the lampshade.

Clean Out Your Pockets

We all know how difficult it can be to clean out your pockets, especially on hoodies or pants that have pockets sewn in to prevent you from pulling them out.

These pockets collect dust and dirt throughout the day, getting under your fingernails when you put your hands in, or dirtying papers and other items that you store there.

Pockets are likely to be the dirtiest area of your clothes, and the washing machine can’t always get rid of the grime as it sloshes water around a mass of fabric. This is where a lint roller comes in, saving the day with an easy rolling surface, getting into all the nooks and crannies of your vertical and horizontal pockets alike.

Clean Couch Edge

For many, cleaning the couch edges means taking the cushions off the couch and vacuuming them individually with a hand vacuum or hose attachment. Not only is this time-consuming, but it’s ineffective!

With a lint roller, you can easily fit the roller between cushions, rolling both cushions at once and collecting hair, dust, food crumbs, and dirt all on its sticky paper surface.

One swipe down each side of the cushion is all it takes to have a clean couch or upholstered chair. So long as you stop occasionally to pull a fresh sheet free, the stickiness will keep pulling dust and dirt out.

Ready for an Upgrade? Shop These Quality Lint Rollers

Keeping up with your pet’s regular shedding can be a hassle, even with preventative grooming and a good diet. Multiple pets mean even more cleaning around the house to keep pet hair off couches and blankets.

Are you ready for an upgrade to your current lint roller?

Pet Lovers has a range of premium-quality lint rollers and refills available that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re looking for a conveniently-sized mini travel roller, or need the additional support from Extra Sticky and Ultra Sticky rollers, there’s something for everyone.

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