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How To Get Cat Hair Out Of Clothes

how to get rid of cat hair on clothes

Giving your cat love, rubs, scratches and cuddles is too tempting to ignore, but it can leave you covered in cat fur. Knowing how to get cat hair out of clothes is therefore essential so that you aren’t left looking like something the cat dragged in!

Removing cat hair from clothing is trickier than you would think, but some tricks can help make things easier. Here are some hacks that you should try if your clothing gets covered in cat hair.

How To Get Cat Hair Out Of Clothes Guide

Before we get started with our pet hair removal hacks, there are some tips to bear in mind when it comes to managing the hair your cat sheds. Anyone looking for how to get rid of cat hair on clothes should take action as quickly as possible.

The longer that cat hair is left on clothing the worse it will be. Cat hair entwines around clothing threads, especially on woolen and knitted items.

This can make it even more problematic to eventually get that cat fur off an item of clothing. Once you have finished giving the cat some love, try your best to remove as much excess hair as you can.

Removing cat hair from furniture is important as well. There is no point in trying to remove hair from your clothing if you fail to get it off the sofa or chairs. This will only result in your clothing getting covered once again.

Lint Roller

If you are looking for the best way how to get rid of cat hair on clothes, look no further than a pet hair lint roller. Lint rollers are such convenient tools to have around if you own cats.


These are handheld gadgets with a one-sided roll of adhesive paper. The adhesive comes in layers and is rolled around a spindle. Use a lint roller over your clothes, and the adhesive picks up all of that pesky kitty hair.

As the roller fills up with hair, you can simply discard that piece of paper, and then below it is a fresh, sticky roll for you to tackle more clothing. Each roller will last you a good amount of time and refills are easy and low-cost to buy.

Without A Lint Roller

Lint rollers are not the only tools that have been designed to get rid of fur on clothing. A pet hair removal tool is just as efficient as a roller, although it is more eco-friendly.

These tools feature a plastic handle at one end and a double-sided, scraper at the other. Rubbing a hair removal tool over the affected area rakes the fur from the fabric and pulls it away. Much like the roller, this is a portable and easy-to-use gadget that all kitty owners should have at home.


how to get cat hair out of clothes


Make sure that you use a dry sponge for this, as a wet sponge will only push the cat hair further into the clothing.  The roughness of a dry sponge is just what you need for this job. Brush the clothing slowly with the sponge, covering all affected areas.

Make sure that the sponge doesn’t get too covered or it will become ineffective. Once there is a lot of cat hair on the sponge, use your hands to remove it and then continue.

Rubber Gloves

Dampen a rubber glove, put it on, and then run your hands over all corners of the fur-filled garment.  The beauty of using gloves is that you can be much more precise when you remove pet hair.

Using your fingers in this way helps you to get right underneath the armpits and around the collar of clothing items. Just put one rubber glove on, using the other hand to maneuver the clothes. Doing it this way will make your life easier.

Put Clothes In the Dryer

Running the clothes through your dryer on a ‘no-heat’ cycle is a good way for you to dust off those cat hairs. If you don’t have this setting on your dryer then check for the ‘air cycle’, an identical function.

With the tumbling action, the cat hair will be shaken off, before it is stored in the lint trap of your dryer. Make sure that all cat hair is removed from the drum after you take the clothing out. Don’t forget to also clean the lint trap, as it can be a fire hazard.

Add one or two dryer balls or two dryer sheets to the clothes. Dryer balls work in the same way as sheets, and they can be reused. If you don’t have a dryer ball, use an anti-static spray before washing.

Washing Machine

Using the washing machine can be effective when it comes to getting cat hair off your clothing, but only after you have spun the clothes in the dryer or used any of the other methods we have described above.

These techniques will remove the majority of the cat fur, and the washer will then take care of the rest.

How To Get Cat Hair Out Of Clothes When Washing

Once you have tried your best to get rid of the cat hair, the washing machine will clear away the remaining pet hair. Here you don’t need to do anything special, just put the laundry on the same wash cycle as normal.

You should wash your items at low heat, using a high spin speed such as 1400. This will prevent pet hair from matting to your clothing.

How To Get Cat Hair Out Of Black Clothes

Cat hair is always going to be more obvious on black clothing, so be sure to take action quickly. The longer you leave hair on dark or black clothing, the worse thing will be.

What can often happen with deep-set cat hair, is it can break when you remove it. This is what leads to the appearance of tiny hairs on black clothing. Take action swiftly to ensure this doesn’t happen, remove as much cat hair as you can see, then put the clothes in the washer.

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