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Your New Lint Roller

Welcome to the Pet Lovers family!

You love your pets, but you also love having a clean home that you can relax in without getting pet hair stuck to your clothes whenever you walk into the room.

The PetLovers lint roller is an ideal choice for single pet and multi-pet homes, helping remove pesky loose hairs with minimal effort, and minimal burden on your wallet.

What Is Pet Lovers?

With over 10,000 five-star reviews, PetLovers is the top-rated sticky lint roller that dog and cat owners alike trust to combat daily shedding with ease.

PetLovers helps keep your home and clothes clean with premium stickiness and more sheets to each roll, all for a low price.

These lint rollers are created by pet owners just like you to help solve the everyday problem of home maintenance. Whether you have a cat that barely sheds or a double-coat pup that constantly sheds no matter what time of year, these lint rollers will help.


We Offer Extra and Ultra Sticky Lint Rollers

Our best-selling extra sticky lint rollers are a popular choice for everyday household use that many pet owners swear by.

We knew, however, that we couldn’t stop there. The PetLovers line of rollers could be something more. We took our toughest pet ownership challenges and distilled them into an even more impressive adhesive formula.

That’s how our Ultra Sticky Lint Rollers were designed for the especially tough pet hairs and difficult surfaces that you might not be able to tackle with just our standard stickiness.


Combat Pesky Embedded Hairs

As pet owners ourselves, we knew that we had to design a lint roller that solves the struggles we’ve encountered in pet ownership.

With a lint roller that grabs more pet hair than the leading average per sheet, we knew that we had to test our rollers on those embedded hairs as well.

You know the ones that appear when your pet sleeps in one place for a few days in a row.

The ones that seem to be woven into the fabric of the blanket or couch itself.

Fortunately, our extra sticky roller is strong enough to capture even these hairs but gentle enough to keep your furniture looking nice.  


Canine Executive Officer Approved

While our adorable Canine Executive Officer Jax has an impeccable business sense, he does shed constantly.

While he is a great boss that didn’t put too much stress on deadlines and always seemed happy with office productivity so long as we kept the treat jar full, there was hair everywhere. On the break room couch. On desk chairs.

There seemed to be no end to it, and no one was happy during allergy season. 

Even the fanciest lint rollers on the market couldn’t get rid of all the embedded Siberian husky hairs that Jax left behind. Nothing could stand in Jax’s way… Except for PetLovers’ extra sticky lint rollers.

Once we began testing the adhesive quality of our extra sticky rollers in-house, we realized that it was the perfect thing to keep the CEO’s fur at bay.

Not only did it remove all the troublesome hairs with ease, but it picked up more hairs per sheet than the leading competitors.

Now we test all our rollers in-house – not just for premier quality control, but also to keep everyone’s desks a little cleaner.

Jax approves of these rollers. Now, he can sleep wherever he wants in the office, and he’s always happy to get an extra treat or two from happier employees.


Clean Pet Beds, Couches, Cars, Clothes, and More

The Pet Lovers line of lint rollers is perfect for cleaning all types of household surfaces. The adhesive paper sticks to surfaces and picks up pet hair, lint, and dust without damaging the material. It’s strong enough to pick up coarse Siberian husky fur easily but gentle enough to use on leather couches and thin curtains without damaging the fabric.

Use our extra or ultra-sticky rollers on these surfaces:

  • Couches
  • Handbags
  • Curtains
  • Pet beds
  • Blankets
  • Desks
  • Car interiors
  • Countertops
  • …and more!

Did you know you can use your lint roller for more than just pet hair? Our extra-sticky rollers are great at picking up dust, dirt, and lint from just about any surface, making household cleaning easier even for non-pet owners.

Traveling? No Problem!

You love your pet, but the hair they leave behind can be frustrating, especially when you’re on the way to an important meeting, or realize you’re covered in dog hair right before you get to your dinner date.

We’ve all been there, and while your four-legged family member isn’t trying to lower your chances of getting that big promotion, there’s no denying the struggles that come with having a pet around.

Just can’t seem to get rid of the hair that sticks to your clothes whenever you get into the car? No problem.

With Pet Lovers’ travel-size mini rollers, pet hair is done in a breeze. These rollers are small and convenient for packing into your carry-on or keeping in the glove box and are great for helping you get rid of those few stray hairs that keep sticking to your clothes so you can make a better first impression or stay comfortable during a long flight.


Never Run Out: Subscribe and Save

At Pet Lovers, we believe that cleaning and maintenance shouldn’t take bonding time away from you and your pet, which is why we do our best to take care of the small things for you.

With an auto-ship subscription, you will receive refill rolls to your door. Gone are the days of forgetting about ordering refills until the last roll is empty!

Canine Executive Officer Jax will personally oversee the packing and shipping of your order to ensure that you receive your refills right on time.

Plus, subscribe and save members receive an additional discount on recurring orders. It’s our way of saying thank you.

Simply select ‘subscribe’ at checkout to start setting up your auto-ship order.