Pet Lover Guides

Nobody said pet ownership would be a piece of cake, but everyone was right about it being worth every second. At Hello Pet Lovers, our goal is to help you live a happier life with your pet.

In this section, discover pet lover guides, helping you learn about everything from whether it’s normal for your dog to shed, or proven tips and tricks to getting rid of cat hair on clothes.


The Bond Between Human and Pet Is Unlike Any Other

No house is a home without a pet. It’s a saying that many pet lovers agree with, recognizing the importance of having an animal in our lives that loves unconditionally.

Dogs and cats alike make excellent pets, and despite their inability to communicate with us directly, they show the love they have for us in many ways.

The bond that many pet lovers have with their pets is difficult to describe, but every pet lover has felt it. That deep attachment makes you want to take care of your pet and keep their lives enriched as much as possible; in return, your pet is your loyal companion, always there when you are happy, sad, sick, or healthy.

Whether it’s your cat always curling up next to you, or your dog waiting by the door when you come home, you are a central part of their life that they look forward to seeing every day.


Living With Pet Hair on the Other Hand…

On the other hand, pet ownership isn’t so glamorous when it comes to dealing with pet hair. It’s an inevitable fact of pet ownership.

Your furry companion can’t control their shedding, and they don’t understand that it is a difficult thing for you to manage. All they know is that they want to lay in your lap lovingly or roll around on your couch in excitement.

That, however, doesn’t make it any more pleasant to have your couch or lap covered in pet fur afterward.

Fortunately, there are many ways to combat this, from lint rollers to vacuums and many creative hacks for when you’re in a pinch.


What You’ll Learn in These Guides

At Hello Pet Lovers, we do our best to help keep life with your pet as clean and fur-free as possible with our Pet Lover Guides.

From preventative measures for shedding, how to properly use a lint roller, to creative techniques for removing cat or dog fur from your car, you’ll learn everything you need to know on your journey as a resourceful and relaxed pet owner.

Learning is all a part of the process, and every household is different, so it helps to find the solutions that are right for you and your pets.


Is Cleaning More of a Hassle with Pet Hair?

If you’ve never had a pet in your household, you might be wondering whether pet hair adds that much hassle and frustration to routine cleaning.

While some breeds shed less than others, all dogs and cats shed. It’s a natural part of their life, just like how humans naturally lose and replace hair follicles and skin cells.

Many pet owners will agree undisputed that pet hair makes cleaning more difficult, and tends to take up more time, especially in areas where humidity is scarce and pet hair floats in the air much longer than in humid regions. It can feel like an everlasting battle between cleaning methods and falling pet hair.

Modern-day life doesn’t stop just because you have pets. With the right techniques and tools, cleaning pet hair can be a breeze, all without breaking the bank or dedicating a whole evening to cleaning.


Forget Clunky Vacuums and Specialized Tools That Don’t Work

We’ve tested it all. From your everyday household vacuum to expensive, specialized gadgets that promise to revolutionize the lives of pet owners across the world, these items rarely work for picking up the extensive amount of hair that collects on any given week when you have pets.

For many pet owners, they’ve learned how to live with the pet hair, from taking allergy medication to increasing the frequency of regular home cleaning.

While robot vacuums and dusting can help, there are still many areas of the home that are left neglected and cleaned that might not be necessary for a household without pets.

The corners of couch cushions, for example, are often covered in dog or cat fur, and this is a notoriously problematic area to vacuum as handheld attachments struggle to maneuver around the difficult angles and folds.

What many pet owners forget about, however, is that it’s okay to go back to basics.

All you need for your regular household cleaning is a trusty lint roller that won’t break or become a hassle to work with.


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