Extra Sticky Lint Roller

Extra Sticky Lint Rollers: Worth It?

Shopping for a new lint roller can be frustrating. (1) It’s often difficult to tell the efficacy of one roller apart from another, leaving you with a dozen different choices between rollers that could easily be the same.

This is where “extra sticky” can start to seem like another marketing term to make one roller sound superior to all the others, but is it really worthwhile, or is it just extra?

With so many options available on the market, shopping for specialty cleaning products can seem overwhelming.


While other rollers might just provide a double-layer of regular stickiness, Pet Lovers’ extra sticky rollers use a special coating to enhance the grippiness of each sheet. This new formula ensures that the sheets grab onto more pet hairs and reduce the amount of rolling necessary and sheets wasted.

We truly believe in this extra sticky lint roller, and it continues to be one of our best-selling lint rollers available today.

For even tougher surfaces with embedded pet hairs, we even have an Ultra Sticky lint roller as well, providing an even grippier surface to grab onto difficult pet hairs and pull them out of fabrics, best used on upholstery and short-fiber carpets.


Extra sticky lint rollers boast more features than the standard lint roller, not just in the stickiness it provides, but in its ease of use in everyday maintenance.

This lint roller is intended to be reused, which means that the handle and roll holder must be durable, ensuring that it will not break over time and rolls stay securely in position, even when dragging or pulling the roller across surfaces to pick up stubborn hairs in different directions.

We take additional care to ensure that the roller provides a smooth 360° rotation, with 90 spiral-tear sheets per roll. Not only will this roller pick up more hair, but it will last longer between refills to ensure you get the most mileage out of each sheet.


With Pet Lovers’ extra sticky formula, our rollers are the ideal choice for difficult fabrics, multi-pet households, and pets that naturally shed a lot of fur (like our Canine Executive Officer, Jax.)

These rollers last longer than regular rollers under these conditions, and pick up more hair per roll than average, helping you save time on surface maintenance. The extra sticky formula has been found to pick up more hair than competitors when tested on both cat and dog hair on different surfaces.

While extra sticky is primarily used on upholstery, it can also be used on leather and other surfaces like pet beds, cat towers, blankets, and other areas that your pet loves spending time near.

Best of all, these rollers are available in refill packs, so you never have to waste another handle, reducing your household plastic waste.


There are a few downsides to using an extra sticky roller on common household objects, but it should only be used for short-fiber upholstery and carpeting.

Since the roller is stickier than your typical lint roller, it shouldn’t be used on delicate or thin clothes that are prone to tearing or stretching. It should also not be used on loose fibers like long-fiber carpeting and rugs.

We also recommend avoiding the use of these rollers directly on your pet. While some pet owners try to do this with a regular roller in place of proper grooming, the additional stickiness could pull out hairs that are still in the skin, causing discomfort and potentially thinning the coat unevenly.

To reduce the amount your pet sheds, you should always provide your pet with proper and safe grooming that targets the undercoat, rather than the surface hairs, as healthy and natural shedding is always easier to upkeep and helps keep your pet happier.

What Is the Best Lint Roller for Clothes?

As pet owners quickly find out, while they love their pets, the pet hair that stays after a cuddle session can be frustrating and even downright embarrassing depending on the extent that your dog or cat sheds. The last thing that you want to do is show up to an important appointment covered head-to-toe in fur.

Clothes can be difficult to clean with a lint roller because the lint roller is either too strong for the fabric, or it loses its stickiness too quickly, clinging to the fabric rather than the pet hair it’s meant to remove.

At Pet Lovers, we removed this problem by making our Extra Sticky Lint Roller tougher on pet hair, but not so tough that it damages clothing, giving you both an effective and time-saving solution to pet hair removal on clothes.

The extra sticky formula provides pet owners with the assurance of a quick and easy handheld solution to pet hair, once and for all.

With our quality refillable lint rollers, you never have to show up to a meeting covered in dog hair again, and you’ll always be able to wipe away the cat fur that clings to your favorite pants.

Is Stickier Always Better?

Most pet owners will agree that sticky is almost always better.

Why almost?

Some fabrics aren’t as durable as typical household fabrics and upholstery. Delicate clothes, for example, might not do well with extra stick lint rollers and may need to be steamed instead to prevent the stickiness from damaging the fabric. These fabrics include authentic silk, lightweight chiffon, and clothes that have a small surface area.

Beyond these few exceptions, extra stick means that it can hold more hair per sheet and requires fewer passes to completely clean the surface material.

Extra sticky rollers are safe for many other household fabrics like leather, upholstery, vinyl, wood, and even plastic, which makes them a versatile tool in everyday cleaning and maintenance even without pet hair present.

For surfaces that could use even more stickiness, the Pet Lovers Ultra Sticky can help you in times of need. This is most common on surfaces that have had a lot of hair collect over time, with each hair becoming embedded in the fabric or knotted around itself.

The Ultra Sticky combines the same sheeting material and stickiness from the Extra Sticky Lint Roller with additional grip on tough pet hair.

Other Considerations When Choosing a New Lint Roller

When choosing a new lint roller, it’s not about what’s available at your local store, or what’s the least expensive. What you want to aim for is a balance between convenience, efficacy, and cost.

While you don’t want a dollar-pack of lint rollers, because the cheap sticky sheets are ineffective and contribute a lot of plastic waste, you also don’t need a $50-or-so fancy lint roller that boasts a dozen different features.

Instead, consider your needs with a lint roller. Do you have one pet or multiple? Do you mind fussing with a cover after the job is done, or are you going to store it in a bin?

  • Do you need a cover to store the lint roller in?
  • Does the company offer refill rolls?
  • Is the handle ergonomic for fewer hand cramps?
  • Is the handle made out of durable, reusable plastic?
  • Is it easy to tear each sheet diagonally, or is it a square-sheet design?
  • How many sheets does it contain per roll?

These features might make more sense for some pet households than others, which is why we encourage every pet owner to carefully consider their options before committing to a new lint roller purchase.

These considerations are also why we have designed the Pet Lovers line of lint rollers to be the perfect balance between convenient, efficient, and inexpensive.

With refills available on auto-ship, durable rollers that don’t get stuck, and an extra sticky design to maximize the amount of hair picked up per sheet, we do our best to make pet ownership easy.

Is There Anything Better Than a Lint Roller?

With Canine Executive Officer Jax, our resident Husky, we’ve been able to test every method of pet hair removal possible.

His coarse fur is the perfect test for durability and longevity of rollers, while his thick winter undercoat leaves us with plenty of upkeep in the summer so we can test new pet hair removal products, tips, and tricks throughout the office.

What we’ve discovered is that, while some methods might be convenient for specific applications – such as employing the use of a robotic vacuum for daily floor cleaning – we always wind up going back to the lint roller.

This is also why we are such adamant supporters of the lint roller – particularly the Pet Lovers Extra Sticky roller – because we have a chance to test it against competitors and other pet hair removal options every day.

To this effect, we have to say with firm confidence, with a robot vacuum in one hand and a lint roller in the other – we’re going to choose the lint roller to get the job done right.

There’s nothing better than a good quality lint roller. It can even help clean up messes that aren’t directly related to pet hair, like broken glass, lint balls, loose dirt, and surface dust.

WINNER: What is the Stickiest Lint Roller?

By far, we discovered that the Extra Sticky Pet Lovers roller stood up to the challenges that we put it through, and the 90 sheets last for a long time compared to other brands.

Many other lint rollers on the market simply didn’t stand up to the test, or they were too expensive on a per-sheet basis to warrant everyday use. The best lint roller should function reliably and leave plenty of money in your bank account for the fun things in life.

When you’re done, simply toss the cardboard roll, and put a refill roll on in its place. The handle is durable and reusable, making it an ideal choice for eco-conscious lint roller users. These rollers come in two different sizes; regular for everyday use, and a mini travel-size roller that is convenient to keep in the car or place in a carry-on for long travel days.

Interested in trying the extra sticky lint roller, or need something stickier like the Ultra Sticky roller? We can help you find the perfect lint roller match for your household. Shop lint rollers from Pet Lovers today; subscribe and save on recurring orders without running out again.


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