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Do Dobermans Shed?

do dobermans shed

If you are thinking about getting a Doberman Pinscher then there are some obvious questions that you are probably asking yourself. Many wonder whether these dogs are dangerous and whether or not they make good family pets. Another common question that we’ll tackle today is do Dobermans shed a lot? This is a valid concern given the size of this dog, so let’s discuss their shedding habits and what you can do to combat their pet hair.

Do Dobermans Shed A Lot?

Doberman Pinschers do shed hair, so this is something that you will have to bear in mind if you are thinking about bringing this dog into the home. The good news is that this dog breed doesn’t shed excessively, and is generally considered as being a moderate shedder. The Doberman’s coat is smooth and made up of very short hair. The reason behind this is that the person who bred the Doberman wanted a guard dog that would be supple, aggressive, and wouldn’t be slowed down by a big, fluffy coat. The Doberman sheds much less than other dog breeds of its size, such as huskies, mastiffs, or golden retrievers. This is because the Doberman is a single-coat breed, and the others have a double coat. You will need to clean hair up from around the house, as you will commonly see small clumps of fur that have come from your Dobermans coat.

When Do Dobermans Shed?

when do dobermans shed Most double-coat dog breeds go through a process of blowing their coats twice a year. This is to lose the coat from the previous season to then grow a summer or winter coat. When it comes to the Doberman’s coat, however, this is not the case. Dobermans shed throughout the year, and no month is better or worse than any other. Doberman owners can count on a steady and consistent amount of hair loss in their pooch, all year long. Many dog breeds have year-long hair loss coupled with seasonal shedding habits. This is certainly not the case with a Doberman coat, and this consistency is something owners like about this dog breed. What this consistency also means, is that you can easily spot any kind of excessive shedding or unexplained hair loss.

Why Is My Doberman Shedding?

If you have had your Doberman for more than a year, you will likely be very used to the amount of hair loss it goes through. There may be some months where you see a little more dog fur around than others, but generally speaking, the volume shouldn’t fluctuate much. If you happen to notice any abnormal shedding, you must get to the bottom of it. This kind of excess shedding will come down to at least one of six reasons, so let’s take a look.

Medical Conditions

It is always worth checking with your vet if you have noticed excessive shedding in your Doberman, as there may be an underlying health issue. For example, hyperthyroidism is often a culprit for increased hair loss, and so too are skin issues. Color mutant alopecia is a disorder often seen in fawn and blue Doberman pinschers, and results in mass hair loss.


Dobermans shedding habits will change if you are not feeding them a well-balanced diet. Their dog food should contain high-quality meat, cereals, and healthy grains, as well as nutrient-rich vegetables. Additionally, if you have recently changed its food, your dog’s coat could change as well. If your Doberman has skin irritation or excessive shedding, it could be down to the dog food you are feeding them.

Seasonal Changes

Although the Doberman Pinscher breed doesn’t shed for the seasons, it can increase or decrease shedding habits because of the seasons. Given that seasonal pressure and temperatures change year-on-year, Doberman Pinschers shed accordingly. If you are noticing more loose hair in the house, this may be why.


Allergic reactions in the Doberman breed don’t directly cause them to shed, but dogs will shed as a consequence of having them. These allergies could be to different foods, natural oils found in fabrics around the home, or even allergens like pollen. When Doberman Pinschers have allergic reactions, they often have areas of skin that become itchy or irritated, so they understandably scratch. The more that your dog gives that area a scratch, the more fur you can expect to see coming off your Doberman’s coat.


If you see your Doberman Pinscher shedding more than usual it may be down to stress or anxiety. Despite their strength and fearlessness, Dobermans are still sensitive to change and also feed off their owner’s anxiety. When they feel anxious they will scratch and this can result in excess shedding.


Be sure that you speak to your vet about any side effects of medication that your dog may be taking. Some medications like corticosteroids often cause dog hair to fall out. This kind of shedding isn’t something to worry about, as in almost all cases hair will grow back once the medication has been stopped.

Doberman Shedding Tips

doberman puppies Given the consistency by which Dobermans shed throughout the year, you can get into a good routine that minimizes the amount your dog sheds. You can never put a halt to the amount of hair that Doberman Pinschers shed, but you can take steps that will boost your dog’s health, and reduce the amount of hair that comes off their coat. Here are some simple yet effective ways that you can improve the health of a Doberman coat, and manage Doberman shedding.


Bathing will greatly help to keep your dog clean and help it to avoid any tick or flea infestations. Giving your Doberman a monthly bath, or bi-monthly in some cases, can help to keep it clean and free from bacteria. You mustn’t bathe them too frequently, as this can disturb the natural oils and makeup of the dog’s coat. Dobermans don’t need much human intervention, but there is nothing wrong with a bath now and again. If your dog has a healthy coat, you may wish to clean them with a damp cloth once a week, just to remove any insects or dirt that may be burrowed into its fur. On the other hand, if your Doberman Pinscher is shedding excessively, you could give them a bath to help reduce the amount of hair loss. For your Doberman, shedding can be reduced by using mild dog shampoo. This will help to strengthen hair follicles and increase the general health of your dog’s coat.


Grooming your Doberman is not only something they will love, but it is also effective in minimizing the amount of hair that they shed. Unlike bathing your dog, you will usually find that Dobermans sit still as they are being groomed, making your life so much easier. All you need for this is a grooming mitt or a stiff bristle brush, which can help you to remove any loose hair, or hair that has almost fallen out. A dry dog shampoo could be used before brushing, making it more supple, and easier to remove. Although Doberman Pinschers shed very little hair, you will be surprised at just how much comes off the coat once you start going at it with a brush. This can greatly help you to combat excessive shedding as you will be more in control of how much hair comes off your dog. Not only is this a good routine to get into from your dog’s point of view, but it will also mean less cleaning up around the house for you.

Diet & Exercise

Much like any large dog breed, the Doberman Pinscher requires plenty of activity and exercise. These are high-energy dogs that will run for hours if you let them. Exercise is not only a basic need of Doberman Pinschers, but it can also be an effective tool for combatting shedding. We spoke earlier about how stress and anxiety can lead to a dog’s shedding, as they scratch to relieve that built-up stress. A much healthier way is to give your dog plenty of exercise, where they can burn off calories and lower cortisol levels. Instead of your dog’s skin bearing the brunt of the anxiety, it can be turned into a positive that boosts general well-being. Combined with lots of running around, your Doberman Pinscher should eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Remember that dogs are carnivores, so at least 50% of their diet should contain high-quality meat. The rest of the dog food should include vegetables and nutrient-rich grains such as brown rice and lentils. In so many cases of excessive shedding in dogs, the issue is caused by the owner. These dogs are fed a bad diet and are not able to exercise sufficiently. The issue in the case of most of these owners is not that they are bad, but that they just don’t know what these dogs need. Speak to your vet about which dog foods are best, and how much exercise you need to give your dog. This will help with general health concerns and reduce shedding.


There are some supplements that you could look to give your dog that will help reduce excessive shedding. In line with a well-balanced and nutritious diet, you can support your pooch with fish oil supplements. These are packed with Omega 3 fatty acids and are a great product for general coat health. Other supplements have Omega fatty acids, but Omega 3 is the most popular. You can purchase these supplements in liquid form, or chewy tablets. For a large dog like a Doberman Pinscher, liquid may be your best option.


For a healthy coat, you will have to get the choice of shampoo just right. This is because not all dog shampoos will work well on a single-coat breed like your Doberman. These dogs have sensitive skin, which is why you should check with a vet before you decide which shampoo is the right one to use. Many other dog breeds can use a general doggy shampoo, but this is not the case for your Doberman. Dog shedding can be reduced using a great anti-shed shampoo, designed to strengthen the follicles and generally improve coat health.

Hair Removal

Unfortunately, there are some dog owners out there who want to shave down the short coat of the Doberman, to reduce shedding. This is a big no-no. For a Doberman Pinscher, shedding is an essential function that keeps its skin and coats healthy, so don’t even consider shaving or trimming its hair. What you can do, is help to remove some of the hair that is only just hanging on to the coat. To do this you could use a brush to easily remove that top layer of loose hair. Another consideration here is a pet hair removal tool that is designed for use on furniture, fabrics, and clothing. No matter which tool you are using, simply glide it over the surface of your furniture or other fabrics to collect and remove.


Doberman Grooming

doberman grooming For a healthy dog, make sure that you groom your Doberman once every two days. This will ensure that you stay on top of the small hairs that come off its coat. You can leave it a little longer if you have a dog with sensitive skin because the last thing you want to do is cause irritation. With routine grooming, your Doberman’s shedding will be kept to a minimum, making both your life and theirs a great deal easier. If you have a Doberman puppy, don’t worry about grooming the pup’s coat during the first 3-6 months, as you should let nature take its course. If you have any concerns about your Doberman’s shedding at this age, speak to your vet before taking any other action.


In terms of taking care of your Doberman the key is focusing on its diet, the amount of exercise it gets, and nailing down a consistent grooming routine. If you do this, you will get to know your dog incredibly well, so much so that you’ll know almost immediately when something is wrong. Remember to speak with a vet or a professional groomer, if you are unsure about any aspect of the shedding behaviors of your dog.


What Are The Disadvantages Of a Doberman?

Dobermans can be very stubborn, they can also be overly aggressive in certain situations if you have not given them the right education. Another disadvantage is that this breed can be at risk of life-threatening genetic health conditions relating to their heart and blood.

Are Dobermans Low Maintenance?

Dobermans need lots of exercise, but beyond this, they are very low-maintenance and self-sufficient.

Do Dobermans Make Good House Dogs?

Dobermans love being part of a family and they are fiercely loyal and protective. As long as they get enough time to stretch their legs, they are great house dogs.

Do Dobermans Stink?

On the contrary, these dogs are extremely clean and very rarely carry a distinct unwanted smell.

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