What You Need to Know Before Buying a Lint Roller

If you’re serious about finding the right lint roller to help clean your home and keep your pet’s shedding to a minimum, then it’s important to take a quick tour of how a lint roller works, and what considerations you should keep in mind when purchasing.

Fortunately, lint rollers are a rather simple topic, which means there’s not a lot of learning that is necessary to keep you abreast of the latest technology and conveniences. (1) What is there, however, makes a world of difference.

A typical house cat can shed up to 75,000 hairs a day. […] As a result, pet hair builds up on floors and rugs, which can go from annoying to disgusting in a matter of days.

NY Times

It might sound surprising, but a quality lint roller can save you money over buying a lint roller that is cheaper both in quality and price.

In most cases, when you are looking for the best lint roller for dog hair, you’ll want to pick up a lint roller that is in the mid-ground of price; not your dollar pack of flimsy, low sheet count lint rollers, but you also don’t need to spend a fortune on it.

A good mid-level lint roller will save you money by lasting longer and picking up more dog hair per sheet.

Roller Types

You might be surprised to learn that there are different types of lint rollers available.

  • Sticky sheet roller

These rollers are your average joe; the everyday, classic lint roller. A good quality sticky sheet roller can pick up pet hair of any size or coarseness.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are tired of these sticky rollers because there are too many brands on the market that are cheap in quality, hardly picking up any hair. This forces you to spend more money for a product that doesn’t last a long time.

  • Reusable fabric roller

These fabric rollers look like a hairbrush, except the head features a soft fabric. They pick up hair by building static electricity, attracting hairs to the soft fabric.

These rollers are supposed to be reusable, never needing a refill roll. Unfortunately, they tend to wear out after a while, and even after cleaning, never seem to have the same level of “stickiness” they did originally. They also have difficulty picking up large amounts of hair and work best on only the finer hairs.

  • Hard coil roller

These lint rollers look like handheld coat hangers of sorts, except the head sports tightly wound coils. These coils are intended to trap pet hair between them, effortlessly lifting it away from the surface.

Unfortunately, we’ve found that these can only be used on carpet, as these hard coils tend to pull on fabric, potentially tearing furniture. They also don’t pick up hair as well as other lint roller types.

  • Electric lint roller

These lint rollers are essentially small, handheld vacuums that operate with electricity to suck up pet hair. Unfortunately, these can also be a hit or miss and require a bit of skill in operating to get the best results.

Lint Roller Sizes

Chances are, you are already familiar with the size of the average lint roller. About the same size as a hairbrush, these lint rollers are small and portable. Typically, depending on handle length, these rollers vary anywhere between 6 and 10 inches in length.

While these rollers are already convenient to store in the car or keep in a cabinet, they can be a little bulky when traveling or getting hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. This is where mini lint rollers come in to save the day.

Mini, or travel-size lint rollers, are the ideal choice for storing away in a bag, in the car, or in your carry-on. These rollers vary in shape and size, from 3 to 6 inches in height depending on handle length.

Even if you are not traveling, these mini rollers are great to fit into hard-to-reach areas of the home, like couch corners or inside of covered pet beds and crates, as their small size allows them to reach areas that a normal-sized roller cannot.

Overall, the best lint roller size is a matter of personal preference, but we tend to keep both regular and travel-size rollers on hand so we always have the right tool for the job.

Sheets Per Roll

Sheets per roll is an important metric of longevity for lint rollers, but you also must consider the quality of those sheets for an accurate idea of how long it will last you.

Breeds with coarser overcoats will require a stickier lint roller to pick up all the hairs, while fine-haired breeds and undercoat fur can manage with medium-stickiness.

Cheaper-quality brands tend to have the least amount of stickiness per sheet, so even if they have more sheets per roll, the lack of stickiness means you’ll go through more sheets faster, costing you more money in the long run.

In our test trials, this is most often what eliminated generic and dollar-brand lint rollers from the finalists list.

The average lint roller has anywhere from 60 to 90 sheets per roll, but a few brands had more than that. Weighing sheet count with stickiness, we gauged the longevity of each lint roller. Rollers that had better longevity had a better chance of ending up on the finalists’ list so long as they scored high on our other test factors as well.

Do They Offer Replacement Rolls

Whether a company offers replacement rolls is an important feature that is often overlooked, especially if you typically purchase your lint rollers in person. Replacement rolls are not often available on the retail level, but they are common offerings with online purchases.

With disposable lint rollers, it feels like a waste to toss the handle in the recycling when you’re done with it. Some brands offer replacement rolls so you don’t have to keep purchasing whole lint rollers; you can simply replace the sticky sheets they come with.

These replacement rolls are convenient and use less plastic than buying brand new lint rollers each time. Underneath the sticky sheets, the empty roll will resemble a toilet paper roll, with a rolled cardboard center. This empty roll can be flexed and pulled away from the handle for easy removal.

Placing replacement rolls on autoship can ensure that you are never in need of new lint rollers, and your routine cleaning isn’t neglected, and you can always keep your clothes presentable. Packs of replacement rolls store away easily in cabinets and closets, with paper sheeting over the front to help retain stickiness so that they are ready for whenever you need them next.

Is There a Cover?

A cover can help you keep the roller clean in storage. These covers may come in different designs, with some always attached to the roller, while others detach from the roller, and re-attach when you’re ready to store it away.

During testing, we had mixed results with lint roller covers. Often, if we weren’t careful, they would get hair on the inside while moving around and rolling different surfaces, and there was no good way to clean it other than to waste a few sheets of paper.

Other roller covers were difficult to fit back onto the roller, making it easier to simply leave the roller out of the cover altogether.

Considering that a cover can add a few dollars per individual roller, we didn’t find it a useful feature, adding unnecessary bulk and complexity to the process. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, however, and some people may still find a cover a convenient way to store lint rollers, even if it means a little more time and effort at the end of cleaning.

To create an impromptu cover for rollers that did not come with this feature, we simply stored our rollers in a plastic bin with a lid. If multiple rollers are open at a time, they can be stored together with sheets of wax paper between them.

Best Lint Roller for Dog Hair Compared

Shedding isn’t just natural, it’s normal for all types of dogs. Some dogs, like our Canine Executive Officer Jax, have double-coats to keep them warm in cold weather.

This also means that these coats are shed in summer to help keep them cool. (2) Staying on top of a grooming and a regular housecleaning routine can help keep your furniture and floors clean during these warmer months.

Double-coated pets actually shed their undercoat during the summer (so excellent daily grooming is vital)


Testing lint rollers is quite literally our job. We did our best to gather every lint roller that we could find, from the more expensive luxury brands online to the everyday, generic-brand lint roller from the local dollar store.

Don’t worry; we’re not going to bore you with hundreds of lint roller reviews. We narrowed the choices down to the top contenders based on our results, then we compared them so that we could get a better idea of who really took gold in our opinion.

Rollers are tested based on their longevity, durability, and ability to pick up hairs in the least amount of time.

Pet Lovers Extra Sticky - TOP CHOICE

Pet Lovers’ brand of sticky rollers is our top choice, with high scores on all features. With good longevity, 90 sheets per roll, and refill packs available, this roller picks up the most hair with the least amount of effort.


  • Refill rollers available
  • Autoship available
  • Easy diagonal peel


  • No cover available
  • Only available in blue

Overall, durable handle and convenient size makes it easy to store, and there’s even a mini version available for travel. This lint roller picks up hair on every fabric we’ve tested, and does the best job out of all contenders sheet-per-sheet.

Pet Lovers Mini Travel

The mini travel roller from Pet Lovers earns second place in our comparison because it scores high on stickiness and convenience, making it an ideal choice for keeping in the car or in your bag.


  • Convenient size for carry-ons, car traveling, or on the go
  • Easy to store in tight spaces


  • Handle is not as ergonomic as full-size
  • Fewer sheets per roll than full-size

Overall, the mini Pet Lovers lint roller has fewer sheets per roll, but it still sports the stickiness of the regular full-size rollers, and boasts a convenient size for more practical applications outside of the house or in tight corners.

Scotch Bright

Scotch bright is a popular brand known for their sticky tape, but did their lint roller stand up to our rigorous testing standards? These rollers boasted an initial stickiness that landed them in the finalists’ list, but they had some drawbacks, too…


  • 95 sheets per roll
  • Ergonomic plastic handle
  • Lightweight design


  • No refill packs available
  • Less eco-friendly than other brands
  • Stickiness wears off quickly

Overall, these rollers are good if you don’t do a lot of frequent cleaning, and you’re willing to sacrifice some of the convenience that comes from refillable rollers. The stickiness wears off quickly, making it more expensive on a per-sheet basis.

Chom Chom Roller

The Chom Chom roller is one of the more popular options for an eco-friendly reusable option, and it is the only non-adhesive roller that made it to the finalists’ list during our testing.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Hair collection compartment for quick disposal


  • Requires more rolling to pick up hair
  • Difficult to use on hard surfaces

Overall, the Chom Chom roller is one of the better reusable rollers we’ve tried, but it wasn’t enough to push it above third place during our rigorous testing. The hair compartment also filled up quickly with heavier shedding breeds.


This brand is common in retail stores and boasts 50% more pickup with their extra sticky rollers, but do they stand up to our lofty expectations?


  • Extra sticky surface
  • Refill rolls available
  • Ergonomic handle


  • Fewest sheets available: 60 per roll
  • Loose fit: sticky roll slides off handle easily
  • Difficult to tear individual sheets

Overall, these sticky rollers were extra sticky, but they ran out quickly as the sheets were thin, and we went through more refill packs than with others on our list. During use, the roll would also sometimes get stuck, causing us to have to discard sheets even if it was not yet full.

Runner Up: Best for Travel

Traveling with your dog is one of the best experiences you can have together. Not only do you not have to spend money on an expensive boarding house, but you’ll still have time together with your pup and be able to provide them with the level of care and attention that they need.

Unfortunately, one of the un-glorious things about travelling with your dog is that they don’t stop shedding, and their often coarse overcoat sticks to your comfortable travelling clothes, when you most want to be comfortable and presentable.

The Petlovers Mini is the perfect travel-size lint roller whether you’re taking a big trip, or you just need something to place in your bag on the way to work.

These lint rollers pick up fine and coarse pet hair alike, making clean-up a breeze. With easy-tear sheets, they’re the perfect choice for quick and convenient clothes rolling to keep you presentable for your meeting, or for getting all the nooks and crannies in car seats on long road trips.

As always, keep an eye out for more guides and comparisons like this in the future.

What is the Best Pet Hair Remover for Clothes?

Overall, we discovered that the best pet hair remover for clothes is lint rollers with a sticky sheet. PetLovers Sticky wins gold for the largest number of hairs pulled up in the least time. These rollers consistently and quickly grabbed pet hair without damaging the fabric underneath and left us with a clean, hair-free outfit to wear out on the town.

When testing different rollers on different clothes types, we found that certain fabrics were more resistant to embedded pet hairs than others. This most often happened with knit fabrics and thin cotton, as the pet hair wove through the individual threads.

One exception that we found is that delicate fabrics did not fare well with any type of sticky roller that we tested. Rather, we found that steaming these clothes on a low heat setting helped remove the pet hair from these clothes without damaging the fabric.

We found that, while it did not pick up much hair, giving the shirt a once-over with a rubber glove or dryer sheet helped dislodge these hairs. We were then able to pick up the hairs with a quick roll with one of the PetLovers lint rollers.

What Picks Up Dog Hair Best?

Over the course of this review, we’ve tested some of the best lint rollers, from expensive brands with unique features to generic-brand lint rollers available at many local department stores.

What we’ve found is that a good mid-range lint roller is ideal, so long as you opt for certain qualities like extra sticky or a sturdy re-usable handle.

When choosing your lint roller, be sure that your brand of choice offers refills. The last thing you want to do is keep wasting perfectly good handles when you can just replace the sticky paper roll.

The rollers that picked up dog hair the best was by far the extra sticky PetLovers brand lint roller. We tested this on different hair types and on different surfaces with good results all around.

Best of all, there are more sticky sheets than the average roller as well, so in addition to being more effective, it lasts longer sheet-by-sheet making it a great option for cleaning at home or on the go.

The PetLovers paper rolls are easy to replace; simply grip the empty tube and squeeze to get it over the handle lip, then pull to remove it.

Discard the empty tube and repeat the process in reverse to add the new refill roll back onto the sticky roller.

How Do I Get Dog Hair Out of Clothes?

As a pet owner, it’s difficult to keep your laundry separate from your pet. It’s unavoidable that eventually it makes its way to the clothes where it shows the most.

White fur? Always finds its way to black clothes and overcoats.

Black fur? You bet its floating on air currents right towards those brand-new white jeans.

Fortunately, with an extra-sticky roller – or for delicates, the mini travel roller – you can save your clothes and clean up extra pet fur at the same time.

First, lay out your clothes on a flat surface or hang it up where you have access to the front and back.

Then, gently holding the edges of the fabric in one hand, give the clothes a quick roll, following the shape of the clothing towards the outer edges.

Flip, and repeat the process with the back of the clothes, and give it a once over for any missed spots.

In a pinch, you can use dryer sheets. (3) While these sheets won’t work quite as well as a good quality lint roller, they do the trick if you have a small amount of hair to brush off.

You can use a fabric softener sheet to remove pet hair from your clothes by rolling the sheet against the offending fur. The sheet fights off the static cling that makes pet hair stick.


One thing that we’ve noticed with this method, however, is that the coarser hairs are more difficult to pick up, and it takes a lot longer than a quick roll with a PetLovers brand roller.

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