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  • crazycracker
    started a topic Important question!!!!!!!!!

    Important question!!!!!!!!!

    I mite b getting a parrot in the next year. But mom is concerned abt my dogs. They bark and howl when we leave and when theres a "mysterious beasty" outside. What do i do?
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  • Every year for Christmas, me and my cousins alternate houses to celebrate! My gramma comes down 2! And i buy a big stack of presents for my pets and family
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  • crazycracker
    started a topic Best horse tv show

    Best horse tv show

    Its on netflix and u can get it off amazon. Its abt horses. Its for all ages, its beautiful, its perfect...its HEARTLAND!!!!!!!! Watch it. Now. Wru waiting for...go!!! Go watch Heartland!! Enjoy it! First seasons called "coming home". Go watch heartland, and respond back when ur done haha!!!!...
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  • crazycracker
    started a topic The great ipo attack!!

    The great ipo attack!!

    So, my bunnies r brats. In fact, that is an understatement. They r absolute JERKS!!! But i love them with all my heart. One day i was picking up Ipo and tryn shut the outside run door with out Hazel escaping and Ipo wiggled and slipped and BAM!!!!!!! I fell straight backwards, into the MUD, while the...
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  • crazycracker
    started a topic Cat Urinating

    Cat Urinating

    So we have 5 cats. Rapunzel, Calvin, and Hobbs r all outside cats. Luna alternates inside and outside, and my precious princess Magdalene is an inside cat. So, we got Rapunzel from my cousins litter and her mom and sisters had a bad habbit...urinating. So she started 2 do it to, then, being copyCATS,...
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  • crazycracker
    started a topic crazy crackers says HIIII!!!!😉

    crazy crackers says HIIII!!!!😉


    Hi this looks like a great forum! I am a full fledged animal lover who lives in the mountains. I love the country so much and me and my family homes many animals. Its a family of five, including me, so we can comfortable home geese, rabbits, inside and outside cats, 2 dogs,...
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