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We're getting a coatimundi and have questions!

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  • We're getting a coatimundi and have questions!

    I sure hope someone out there has one of these critters! We've spent many hours researching however, I'm hoping to find someone with experience and also with dogs in the house. Our Coatimundi 5 week old baby will be coming home on Monday and I have some odd questions and probably more to come:

    In the house we already have 3 small dogs:
    An old, nearly deaf and blind Chihuahua-Something rescue that pretty much sleeps all the time--Lucy
    A 4 year old Chihuahua with a very sweet demeanor--Zoe
    An 8 month old Chihuahua puppy with lots of energy--Squeaker
    (Zoe has shown LOTS of patience with Squeaker)

    Since Coatimundis need to be bartered with when they take something of yours, I am wondering how she might react if she has a toy and the puppy wants to play tug of war. (Outside of cage will be supervised of course)

    Will the vacuum cleaner freak her out?

    Do I have to worry about her eating the stuffing out of toys or beady eyes on stuffed animals? (such as how puppies want to eat & chew everything in sight)

    Do I need to worry about her chewing on the tv cords, shoes, etc?

    What specific fruits do they like?

    How do I train her to use a litter box?

    If anyone has one of these critters, I'd sure appreciate some info and thank you very much!

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    I wish I had some good advice for you, but just in case no one else does, I'd assume that she'll be in any trouble she can get into. LOL I hope someone has some good advice for you!
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      Wow! I know the coatimundis are omnivores so it'll need both plants and animals for food. For the fruits you'll need a variety of nuts and seeds. They also love insects, birds, rodents and small reptiles such as lizards and snakes. I believe that they can be generally trained but it will take some effort and especially when you have three dogs in the house. You definitely need to get it toys to keep it entertained, otherwise it will end up chewing on other items. Check this out as well, good luck.