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  • help!

    i'm not sure if she's sick or not. i might just be a paranoid owner, this is my first hamster. i got Chepp, a little over a week ago. i went with a couple of my friends, and my girlfriend to pick one out at Petsmart, and instantly fell in love. she's loveable and social, she even came up to the glass to look at us. we got her without any hesitation. she's a short haired hamster, light brown-reddish fur, about 3 inches in length.

    when we brought her home though, we realized that she had a tiny missing patch of fur on her nose. i assumed that she had just gotten into a fight in her cage at Petsmart. i looked at it closely and saw that it was sort of flaky. i'm not sure what to think of it. the only "improvement" that i've seen is that when we first got her the patch was deep as if it were a cut, but now it's raised to the surface of her nose more.

    another thing i noticed is that she smells, really bad. i know hamsters clean themselves periodically, but today she smells horrid. when i took her out of her cage, she also began to twitch. both of these have just started today. ever since we got her, she's been acting like a normal hamster would. very curious, loves her wheel, eats and drinks regularly, and sleeps during the day. i don't know if she's getting sick, is sick, or i'm just paranoid.

    can any of you help, please?

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    Why don't you pop her to the vet's for a health check, if you're concerned. They'll be able to tell you if there's a problem.

    I assume you're keeping her cage and toilet areas clean?

    Hope she's okay.