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Rat that is sick

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  • Rat that is sick

    I went to a local pet store and bought a new rat.
    I brought the little guy home to introduce him to my rats that I already had.
    They got along just fine.
    They were around each other for maybe a half hour.

    Then I took my new little rat away from them and held him for a little bit.
    Then he pooped on me. I noticed these little tiny white worms squirming around.

    Im REALLY hoping the rat didn't give the worms to my other rats.
    They were only around each other for just a little while.
    They didn't play with each other or anything.
    But they weren't aggressive towards each other either.
    They barely had any contact with each other.
    But some of my rats did sniff his butt and climbed on top of him.

    Should I be worried about my rats that I already have?

    The rat that has worms is now being separated from my rats.

    (Like I said before, they were only around each other for maybe a half hour after I brought the new rat home and then noticed it had worms.)
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