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Sad & depressed piggie

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  • Sad & depressed piggie

    I have a 2 year old pig named Benjy. For the last few days, he has seemed sad/depressed.
    His cage mate (who was also his father) died on 3rd March, so he's been alone for a while. But he seemed fine up until recently. I took him to the vet about a week ago to make sure that he wasn't sick as well, and he's perfectly healthy. But now he mostly sits around in the corner (he used to run around a lot), he doesn't eat all of his vegetables (not even cucumber, and he used to love that) and he's far from as talkative as he used to be. I'me verry sad for him I wonder if he will except another playmate...

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    So sorry to hear of your sad piggie. I have never owned a guinnea pig before. From the little bit I know about guinnea pigs, I think that they are very social, so a cage mate might help, but I would not know how to make that transition. Hopefully someone will come along soon to help.


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      Benjy definitely sounds depressed. You should look into getting a same sex companion. Make sure to do a three week quarantine though. You don't want any possible medical issues to be transferred to Benjy. Do some research on proper introductions and if you want some links to credible sources, I would be happy to guide you to those.
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        Call around your local rescues and see if they have any singles in. They tend to pair/group them up as soon as poss during their stay at the shelter, but they may have some who have yet to be teamed with anyone, or they too may have suffered a loss that's left one lonely and in need of a friend.


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          A website that might be able to help is I have a male guinea pig named Jerry & I'm a first time guinea pig owner. They're very helpful. Good luck.


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            Hi AlanAa - you might find this site useful. It's helped me out a lot!

            Wishing you the best of luck