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Lolo's eye doesn't look any better...

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    Oh I'm sorry Heather. Try not to be too downhearted, he's a happy little soul and still will be even if the worst case scenario happens. He'll just get on with life and adapt as animals do, Pip x


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      Awwww im sorry Poor Logan sending you and him alot of positive vibes. Hopefullu he wont have to lose the eye but if that ends up being the case see lots of cats and dogs live perfectly happy lives with one eye but of course we dont want them to have to go thru the surgery. Give logan kisses and a squish from me and a hug from me to you i know how upset you must be hearing this. Please keep us posted.


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        Wish I had a crystal ball... If they're going to put him through a load of tests after a super-long uncomfortable journey, just to say he has to have his eye out anyway, I'd rather spare him that and let them take it out straight away. But there's no way of knowing until he goes, of course. *sigh* Poor Lolo, such a shame.


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          Bad news

          Just got home from vet's. They explained that they spoke to the specialist in depth regarding Logan and the specialist told them... stuff that I can't remember (I really need to start writing things down when I go)... Basically, the eye is too far gone to be saved and there is the risk of cells becoming cancerous if it's left. They said the specialist would take a look if we really wanted them to, but they didn't think they would say any different after seeing him.

          Apparently Logan has been exceptionally unlucky. Most cats with his same injury recover well with meds.

          He is booked in to have his eye removed on Tuesday.


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            ((Hugs)))) you must be a nervous wreck i know i would be. Hes lucky to have a parent as kinf as you. We see this surgery all the time its more common than you know like i said most of the cats are still the same happy cats they were when they came in.

            Dont beat yourself up too much about you did everything you could for him positive vibes for a safe surgery and speedy recovery.


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              I'm really sorry Heather. But remember he's so young and and will adapt quickly. We're all gonna feel much more sorry about it than he will.

              And as for him being unlucky....I beg to differ. He's ended up in your household afterall and is so loved and cared for.

              Thinking of you all, Pip xxx


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                That's so sweet to say. He's definitely one of us (my family), luck-wise. Like yes, something good may happen, but if it does it's always hand in hand with something bad. Just proves he belongs here.

                I'm worried, very worried, but I know it's best for him in the long-run. It's just such a crying shame, for the bad timing of a clumsy dog's tooth. Poor baby.


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                  I've had several fosters go through enucleation surgeries, kittens and adults, and all did very well. Surprisingly the surgery wasn't ever an issue, never had a single problem. The older ones took a little longer to get the hang of things with one eye but that wasn't anything terrible either. Best wishes for him, I'm sure he'll do just fine.
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                    Oh, I'm sorry to see this update Heather and I know you must be feeling pretty low about it. But Logan doesn't know any of the technical stuff. He'll go to sleep and wake up a little sore, the soreness will go away and he'll be just as happy as he ever was. The stress and worry is left for us who love and take care of them, and that of course is how it should be.

                    I know that's "easy for me to say". If it were my kitten, I'd be as heart sick as you are.

                    I'll be thinking of him next week. Remind us, the night before he goes in, will you? So we can be sending lots of loving vibes to you and him.