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Custom Charcoal Pet Portraits

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  • Custom Charcoal Pet Portraits

    I'm an artist with a great love for animals, having grown up with everything from dogs to hairless guinea pigs. For over a decade I've been specializing in custom pet portraits in charcoal, and have been capturing the personalities of our furry friends, for individuals as well as gifts.

    My prices start at $175 for a 14" x 17" with a single animal in one portrait, with $100 for each additional animal in the same portrait. I offer both local delivery and international shipping, cost depending on you location and timing.

    What I would require from you is a 50% deposit, as well as one or more close up, detailed photos of your pet. You can mail them, or send me digital pictures via email (even easier).

    Please feel free to contact me at for more pricing and information.

    I also offer Gift Certificates in any amount.

    While my website is under construction, you can see more samples of my work in my facebook group at:

    Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


    Celeste Adele Gillis
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    Hello, I checked out your work samples and they're beautiful. Good luck and I hope all your portraits sell. keep up the good work!
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      Thank you very much!


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        Those are nice portraits, I love the two beagles painting.
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