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Could anyone identify a wolf hybrid?

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  • Could anyone identify a wolf hybrid?

    September 8, 2008 was a historically magnificent day for me. It was the day that Denali came home with me from the Animal Humane. Since then, he's become the most important thing in my life (even being certified as my servie dog) but as much of a big baby as he is, I find myself wondering if he is not part wolf. Most people who see him immediately identify him as a wolf and not a dog at all, and I've done my research, but I just can't decide!
    Could anyone here tell me if you think he is or is not part wolf as well as why you think that?

    Here's some pictures of my boy:

    Here's a video of him on youtube if seeing him move helps (though he is a little awkward in it because it was his first time in snow.)

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    He looks like a GSD x husky (or malamute maybe, if he's bigger than the pictures make him out to be) to me, I wouldn't have said wolf to be honest. But he is absolutely stunning. What a beautiful guy. I'm glad he's found himself a nice home, a lot of people are dubious about rescuing breeds like that.

    Welcome to the forum.


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      I currently introduce him as a shepherd/malamute, actually. xD (and if I ever was positive that he was a wolf mix, I would never, ever admit to it in public.)
      And he is currently about three foot at the shoulder. Most of those pictures were back when he was eight months old, and he is about three now.


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        He is beautiful! I also see GSD in his face.
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          He is absolutely gorgeous, but both wolf hybrids that I have known had much longer muzzles and yellow eyes. Probably as well if he isn't, because (at least in 1982) dog vaccines are not always effective in wolf hybrids. My friends hybrid had been vaccinated and kept up to date on boosters, but contracted and died of Parvo at around 3 years of age.
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            It's definitely possible he's a hybrid, but there would be no way to know unless you had genetic testing done on him. It's not always easy to identify a hybrid. Given that, he looks hybrid to me by the shape of his face and his coloring.

            This is my husbands husky/wolf hybrid. He's 10 this year. He has the wolf from White Fang in his lineage.

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              He's gorgeous whatever he is, I don't know about breeds except I would have said GSD in there somewhere, Pip


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                I don't personally see wolf in him... he looks a lot different than the proven wolf hybrids I've seen. But, it's always possible. Like others, I definitely see GSD in him though.


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                  My mom and I have been thinking about getting him a genetics test to find out for sure. It's been driving us nuts since we got him. xD I would just be worried to get any traceable documents stating that he had any wolf in him because it is dangerous to have dog with that lable. Not because he is at all dangerous, of course, but because anybody could say anything and he could be taken. I've heard too many horror stories. I always answer people that ask if he's part wolf that I had asked a vet who had experience with hybrids and they said no way. xD


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                    Either way, he is a beautiful dog! Truly beautiful! I'd love to see more!
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                      Originally posted by Dog-Mom1989 View Post
                      Either way, he is a beautiful dog! Truly beautiful! I'd love to see more!
                      I have loads of pictures of him in my gallery at DeviantArt. :3

                      Pages 1, 2, 5, and 6 (which also has a few ferret shots) have lots of pictures of him. The rest are pictures of animals at the zoo! So there's lots for animal enthusiasts there. xD


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                        Here's one that sure makes him look wolfy!


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                          It's really interesting having a hybrid in the family.

                          I think hybrids are wrong, and pointless. This goes for many species. But that's neither here nor there.

                          Buck, my inlaw's dog, is one of the nicest dogs I've ever met. For everything they've done to him, fed him the lowest quality dog food, tied him to a chain his entire life, basically done nothing but the bare minimum for him, he's a great dog. Very loving, fun and loyal.

                          I'd never recommend to anyone getting a hybrid - and they had originally got Buck for their kids! But not every dog is going to live up to the stereotype.

                          I think your dog looks very wolflike. I don't really see GSD. See how different our opinions are?



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                            Right. I don't think it's good to intentionally get a hybrid, or to breed them, if not just for the fact that many of them end up at rescues (or euthenized for...nothing) or are adopted by irresponsible owners because they thought it would be cool the same way it would be cool to have a tiger.

                            Of course I don't mean anyone who has one is like that, but too many are.
                            Also, I get Denali from the Animal Humane where he was only listed as a shepherd cross. He had been abandoned as a puppy becuase the owner said he was always digging holes in the backyard (which he lived his entire life in and was rarely even interacted with, I'm told). He has yet to dig any holes in the backyard here...xD


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                              I see husky and GSD. The 2nd and 3rd pictures remind me of my husky/bc mix in the eyes and top of the muzzle, if you know what I mean.

                              Does he have a dark roundish spot of fur on the top half of his tail?