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Good breeds of dogs for children under 5

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  • Good breeds of dogs for children under 5

    Hi guys -

    I have a friend with whom I work that want to get a dog for her two children, ages two and three.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what type of dog would be best? I wasn't sure what to tell her.

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    Alot of people wouldn't recommend any breed for such young ages because of the ear/tail pulling, etc. that is normal when you mix toddlers with dogs... but I would suggest a larger breed like a Lab, they're great family dogs with good dispositions.


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      Two and Three are pretty young. Are they wanting to get a dog for themselves, with their children in mind? The larger breeds are a good advise if they are set on getting one regardless.
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        I recently heard of Labs hurting children and I saw one that attacked a cocker spaniel (her owner works with the SPCA, she wasn't trained to do so). I grew up with a Silky terrier who was and is a big sweetie, you just have to teach the children not to pull on them, and that's with any dog. Hope that helps!
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          At that age there is no proper dog unless it is like Magnum said...if they want the dog for themselves then they will need to teach the kids the correct way to touch and pet under adult supervision untill they are older. Some dogs are more tolerant of missbehavior than others but there are not very many dogs who will not bite or scratch when they are getting abused over and over and it is hurting them. Then who is the blame on???? Usually the dog but the blame lays with the parents of the sad *sigh* My grandchildren ages 3, 5 , 7,8,&10 all were raised with pets of all kinds and the dogs run and play with them with no problems but they are taught that pets live, eat and breath and feel pain and hurt just like us. The baby 10 and 1/2 months is not left in a situation where he is left in a room by himself with the dog because of course he is too young to know but I gaurrantee you by his 2nd birthday he WILL know. They had a black lab they adored and he dissapeared out of their chain link fenced in yard...hmmm. Now they have a Cockapoo and he sleeps on the kids beds...just whoever he chooses to at that time hahahahahaha....I personally think all kids should have a pet and be taught how to treat them, I think it helps make them a better more thoughtfull chidren. But it has to start with the parents.............
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            Smaller breeds

            I think smaller breeds would be better than a larger breed because a larger breed could jump up and knock a small child down. We fostered a Yorkie-****zu mix when our children were very young and he did really well with the kids. They loved him.


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              Oh, you're absolutely right about the larger breeds could knock small children down, but the reason I say the larger breeds are probably better is they can tolerate the ear/tail pulling much better than the smaller breeds. Many of the smaller breeds bite more than larger ones as a rule anyways and will bite to protect their little ears,legs, etc.... Another good breed for small children is the Beagle. They're usually happy-go-lucky guys and have the energy to keep up with the young-uns . Any breed can bite, so any dog must be monitored closely around the little ones .

              When my husbands children were little, they had a female black lab. This lab would stay in the front yard with the kids (we're talking 2 - 3 yrs old) and when when of them would get close to the curb, the lab would get in front of them and push them back into the yard. Hubby said she was the best dog and babysitter LOL. All depends on the dog.


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                That's right

                It does depend on the temperment of the dog. They are just like people with their own different personalities. I also think that it would help not to get an older dog that maybe has not been around small children. If you get a puppy it can grow with the kids and be used to the ear pulling and so on before it gets bigger.


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                  I recently heard of Labs hurting children and I saw one that attacked a cocker spaniel
                  Any dog no matter how nice of a breed can turn mean, that is why you never leave children alone with an animal, even your own family pet.

                  I think smaller breeds would be better than a larger breed because a larger breed could jump up and knock a small child down.
                  Smaller breeds tend to snappy with young children, not all, but they don't have the same tolerance that big dogs do. You have to set rules with your dog. Let him/her know that they can not play rough around small children. Can not jump up on them (they shouldn't be jumping in the first place) You can teach any dog that it is not okay to take a toy from a child, or food from them. All it takes is a little work.

                  This is what has worked for us. We got our dog a lab/shep mix when he was just 6 weeks old. We started working with him right away knowing that we would some day have children in the house. We would touch his feet, tickle them ect, when he was alseep, chewing on a bone... we would take his food from him, sometimes right out of his mouth. We would pull at his ears, his tail, ect, we taught him the word gentle, and used it often, when giving treats, playing or whatever we might be doing with him. And we made sure that we took him to the park where there were a lot of kids and taught him that it was okay for them to pet him. This all has to be taught at a young age. Now 2 years later I have a 10 month old baby and my dog that are the best of friends. Dusty will bring his toys the baby and play with her, with no where near the force that he uses to play with my husband an I. We have never told him "no" when it comes to licking the baby, or getting to close to her. If we think he is getting a little too rough we tell him gentle and he knows to be nice, same with her, she knows now how to pet him and not pull on him, she can crawl around in his face with him chewing on a bone or a toy and he will even let her take it from him. I trust my dog with my child with all my heart, but again a pet is not ever to be left alone with a child!

                  What I recomend is getting a dog that will be able to grow with the children, as two and three are ages where they can be taught to be nice to an animal, it shouldn't be too hard to find one. I don't recomend bringing a puppy into the family that is not housebroken with small children, just because it is a lot of work to both look after small children and watch a young puppy.

                  Good breeds for children are, labs, goldens, shephreds (I recomend a puppy if you get a shepherd as they are one person dogs or one family dogs and don't adjust well to change) rotties (yes I said rotty with the proper training they make wonderful dogs to be around children) mastif (big yes, but very very gentle)

                  Please make sure your friend knows how big of a job having a dog is.

                  Good luck and let us know how it turns out!


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                    My friend told me that she wants to get a dog for the children. She is a divorced, single Mom. I mentioned a beagle, but she said that she doesn't like them (For whatever reason). She told me that she wants to get a lab.

                    I will let her know about all of your suggestions. We shall see...

                    Thanks a bunch!
                    Bubba, Daisy, Lilly, Rosie, Willy and Blossom ~my dachshund six pack~
                    ~If you can eat the same thing day after day and never complain, if you can forgive and never remind the one you forgave, if you can love unconditionally no matter how you have been treated, then my friend, you are almost as good as your dog.~ Dr. James Dobson

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                      My Mom had a dog that was 7 years old by the time my older brother came into the picture, and 10 years old by the time I came into the house. My Mom told me that when Snoopy saw me, he was PISSED and let my Mom know it by hiking his leg on the fridge! He NEVER bit me or my brother, he would growl, and that was a sign to my Mom to get the child away from the dog. Sometimes he would snap at us, missing by inches, but he got the point across! He was a border collie mix, and only bit one person one time! He somehow managed to get out of the house and into the car, because he knew that we were leaving and he wanted to go along! Well, he wasn't supposed to go along, so my Dad reached into the car to grab his collar, and he got bit. My Dad realized that the dog was stubborn, and wasn't going to budge, so he got in the car, drove it around the block and Snoopy lopped out of the car a happy pooch!
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                        Becky, my mom had a wonderful dog named Joshua, he was a English Springer Spaniel, he was an absolute wonderful babysitter, with all my young cousins and my nephew, absolutely loved children. They are an all around great dog. But also tell your friend to take into consideration her life style, does she want a dog that needs alot of excersize does she have to time to or the extra energy for an hyper dog that needs more than a walk a few days a week , alot of grooming (extra money) that requires visits to the grommer, there are alot of questions that she should ask her self to make an informed decision, I just though of those ? because she is single and raising 2 kids, so I though time and money were a good place to start. Maybe suggest to her to invest in a dog breed book with all the breeds in it, and with the dogs history, maintenance, ect... then she will beable to compare the breeds side-by-side.

                        Tamara, I agree with you rotties are wonderful dogs, and are awesome with children, but I may be a bit partial, I have a rottie, I don't have children, but Jake is absolutely inlove with any kid he see's, the neighbors kids love him, and when he see's kids walking down the street, he wiggles his little nub and his whole body and gets so happy he cries, when one of my nieces of nephews stay the night, he sleeps right by them, (foget mom) lol. I know alot of people with rotties that have children, and none of them have never had a problem.
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                          i also grew up with a silky terrier but i think bigger dogs are better with little ones if a child hurts a little dog (even if they dont mean too) it can be very serious yorkies are not very tolerant of many things like some one said on one of the other post a mastiff are very protective but extremly loving and great with kids but number one breed for kids should be a golden retriever or german shepard but with any breed from day one they need to learn to treat the dog like there own brother or sister good luck youll find the right breed 4 you
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                            HI everyone - I do foster care (for kids) and I am constantly getting kids in and out of the house. I have two dogs a lab mix and a basset hound. My kids love to play with the dogs however the lab is so hyper and gets a little excited and the kids get knocked over. I have 4 VERY active little boys right now. My OLDEST is 2 1/2 yrs old. My basset hound puppy is 5 months. THe kids when they come into my house are taught how to pet and play with the dogs. But I've found that the basset hound is one of the best dogs around the kids because all though she is not full grown she is still a puppy with a lot of energy. She chases the kids around and plays ball with them. She even goes down the slide with them. She is big and fat enough that the kids can't really hurt her and her legs are so short that she has a hard time jumping up so she can't knock the kids down. She sleeps by my 3 week old baby's bed and lets me know whenever he stirs. She's EXCELLENT with the kids. But thats just my suggestion. Don't get me wrong my lab mix is a wonderful family dog and has never even growled at the kids...she lets my 2 yr old lay on top of her to watch cartoons. But the basset hound is just so much better with the boys.
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                              I've heard that mixed breeds tend to have better tempraments especially for putting up with kids. I was brought up with dogs even half my baby pics have a dog in. We mostly had border collie crosses growing up. We never had small dogs. I spent half my life with my mother and half with my grand parents, mum had the collie cross and my grandparents had an alsation/great dane cross. We never had fears of them and they were lovely and gentle. Later as i got older i'd take our collie baby sitting with me and he used to be really good with the kids.