I know that I'm not around enough, as are none of the other moderators, and I apologize for all of us as a whole.

BUT! Please please please report posts that shouldn't be here. We don't allow the sale of puppies or kittens, but let's all be honest here, the sale of any pet is frowned upon. Being rude or nasty to each other is strongly discouraged. And spamming will get you banned for life.

WE depend on YOU-the loyal members of this forum, to let us know when someone is posting something that is against the forum rules.

Thank you all!
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Even more life advances!

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  • Even more life advances!

    I updated before about school and such, but life has picked me up even farther. I am now officially in my own apartment and doing life on my own. I have a boyfriend, but he is not living with me. It is time for me to experience living by myself. I have always lived with room mates or boyfriend and such. So far, I am loving it! Gets a little lonely at night, but I will learn.

    I was not able to bring Adagio with me She is staying with my mom and I will see her often. She will get good care there and have plenty of room to run around. Apartments here (especially mine) have a lot of breed bans and weight limits. Not to mention the $300 deposit and $30 per month pet rent.

    So the pets that came with me are LouEllen the guinea pig and Rosetta the tarantula. Caged pets cost no rent.

    I did get another guinea pig this week too. I have named her Yzma. She is tan/brownish, short hair, with bright red eyes. I saw her at the pet store when I went for crickets. She was in a cage made for a mouse and she is full grown. The store manager said someone left her outside their doors that morning and they don't put them in with the other piggies or sell them. They try to adopt them and if they don't find a home they are usually fed to something larger So I took her. I can't stand the thought of that.

    I guess her to be about 3 years old, but I won't really know for sure. She is very skiddish and mostly hides in her igloo. I know it will take time, just as it did with LouEllen. I will post a picture soon!

    "Every man is guilty of the good he didn't do." - Voltaire

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    Sounds like you are really doing great Tamara! I'm so happy for you! And hurray for you on the rescue.