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Plz Help! My cat keeps me up all night......

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  • Plz Help! My cat keeps me up all night......

    Hello All,

    I'm about to move out of my house and start living out of my car because my cat is driving me crazy at night! I don't believe in taking your pet to a shelter or rescue, but I don't know what else to do. I have a two year old male (fixed) cat, who I've had since he was a kitten. He's a wonderful and great cat, however, for the past 6 months he's been keeping me up all night by meowing loudly and banging on my bedroom door. I'm allergic to cats, however, if he doesn't sleep with me I could stand the allergies. So at night when I go to bed I close the door to my bedroom so he won't come in. However, my daughter's door is wide open and she takes him with her to her room so he could sleep on her bed. For the past 6 months, he has woken up at 2am and come to my door and start meowing loudly and banging on my door. I've done everything to keep him from doing this, I've even given in and let him come into my room to sleep on my bed. When I do that he just comes in to Meow loudly and use my mattress at a scratching pole!! He won't shut up until I just get up (at 2am!!) and go into the living room and start watching T.V. That's the only way he'll settle down and relax. Or else he is up meowing until 6am!!! Until the sun comes out he won't stop meowing loud. I've tried giving him dinner late at night, giving him dinner at 5pm, letting him outside to play, not letting him take naps during the day so he can be tired at night, aromatherapy, played with him prior to bedtime, not played with him prior to bed time, giving him extra extra attention in the evening, not giving him any atttention in the evening. I don't know what else to do. I work 8-5p, I'm usually home after 5:30pm so I don't know what the problem is. On the weekends my daughter and I will not let him take naps so he'll be tired. It doesn't work, by 2am he is up meowing and banging on my door til 6am. If my daughter shuts her door with him inside, he'll bang on her door until she opens it up and he'll come straight to my room. I'm not sure what he has against me because I can't figure out what he wants. He is not sick or in pain, because when I've had it I just get up and go wash dishes or start cleaning in the middle of the night and he is just in love with that. When I do get up, he just goes to his bed and watches me and lays his head down. I'm about to give him to a rescuer, but my daughter will kill me. I don't know what to do, I'm running on 3 hrs sleep everyday!!! HELP!!!!!!

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    Yeah, this is why I got Maggie...... for Earl. He was driving me nuts.

    Cats are nocturnal, but if this is a new behavior, you have to find the root cause. Is there a new kitty in the neighborhood? Maybe a female in heat?
    Were you having trouble sleeping or working different hours at some point and he got used to you being awake with him at that time?

    Earl and Maggie get up at every day at 5:00am because thats what time I get up during the week, and I feed them their wet food when I get up. So they drive me NUTS on weekends wanting to get their wet food at 5. But Maggie will go back to sleep if you ignore her enough, but Earl won't. He also uses my mattress as a scratching post.

    You have to not give in no matter what. It may take time, but when you give in, you are rewarding that bad behavior, so he will continue to do it. Stick to your guns and he should stop. Try to tucker him out before going to bed so he won't have much energy to get up and roam.

    Good luck! If all else fails, there is always Ambien..........or a second cat............. LOL!


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      Have you tried leaving the Tv on in the living room? So it will seem as if someone is round and about? I leave my Tv on when I leave the house, just so it doesnt seem as lonely to my pets.


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        My cat tries to keep me up all night long. As soon as I decide it is time for bed, the dog follows ne into the room and lays down on the floor. The cat, on the other hand, decides its time to play hockey with each and every one of her toys in the kitchen, and she body checks everything in the kitchen as well lol. It's not that bad, because I almost sleep like the dead, but the dog hates it, and then he starts whining because she's making noise. The only way I am able to make her be quiet is to get up, and find ALL of her toys, and hide them. But I'd have to agree with the others, your cat needs a furry furiend to play with. I'd put money on the nighttime hours becoming a bit more quiet for you if you did this.
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          Thank you all but I do have a second kitty

          Her name is Mika aka Princess because that's exactly how she acts! However, when it's time for bed Mika walks into my daughter's room and falls asleep. I will try leaving the tv on in the living room for Indigo, maybe that'll quiet him down. Thank you all for taking the time to respond =)


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            Try feliway plug ins. They work wonders. When I moved into a new apt PL members suggested I try it.

            Well, it only took 2 days and Skeeter was back to his normal feisty self.
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              Hmm, I wonder if your cat is just asking Mika to play with her?

              I am curious about the 2 o'clock issue. If the time is always the same I wonder if there is activity outside your home that is getting him restless. someone coming home from work?

              The closed doors might be adding to it as well. We had a cat that would carry on like crazy if a door was shut. She didn't necessarily want in, she just hated the idea that the door was closed.
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                I had this issue a couple of times, it seemed to be out of habit, i simply closed the kitchen door at night, meaning the cat had the kitchen, the utility area and the great outdoors. I did this for a couple of nights, the habit was broken, end of troubles.
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                  Cats are Nocturnal - But When Does The Night Begin

                  I have four kittens that are just over 3 months old. They sleep with me every night. How do I keep them from disturbing my sleep? When the sun sets at 8 pm, I keep all of the lights in my apartment turned off. They play with each other for a few hours and then are knocked out for the night, curling up with me when they are ready to sleep. When the sun rises, they wake up. Keep it natural and simple.

                  It is such a pleasure to live with these wonderful, furry creatures. I love waking up with them in the morning sunlight. They are so beautiful.


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                    i have a cat who wakes up every morning at 5 am purring very loudly and seeking attention. its so cute, but i never sleep! if i close her out of the room she'll cry outside the door and continuously try to open it until i get up. what can i do? i hate getting mad at her, but a girls gotta sleep!
                    also my other cat likes to sleep on top of my stomach or chest, sometimes i wake up unable to breathe. what can i do about that?


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                      Does she like crate? Maybe get one and place it on your room.
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