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how do you get staples of a dog?

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  • how do you get staples of a dog?

    My black lab got cut in his leg and had to go to pet hospital they had to put staples in his leg.The vet never told us what to do when we came and got him from the vet. We really don't have the money to take him back in to the vet to get the staples out. would any one know how to get the stapples out? It has been 3 weeks now, and the staples are kinda comming out. I don't know if I should just let them come out on there own, or try to take them out my self.
    Suzanne Dubree

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    10 to 14 days, according to what I have read, the staples should be removed. I was curious about your question - I have had more than 200 stitches sewn into my body over my lifetime (I must be turning into a garment!), but I have never had staples. Stitches are easy to remove. I went to numerous websites, they all said the same thing: go to your vet to have staples removed. Well, they always told me the same thing at the doctor's office about stitches: you MUST make an appointment to come back and have your stitches removed. Here is ONE thing in life I will say BAH HUMM BUG to! Lol. I don't need an appointment to remove stitches, but I am not sure I would want to try removing staples, at least not without seeing how a doctor or vet does it first. I would be reasonably sure that if you remove metal stitches incorrectly, you risk the possibility of reopening the wound or infection. Sorry I was no help, but it was an interesting search none-the-less.


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      Hi Roses. I agree with casegura & trooper that you should phone your vet and make an appointment to have the staples removed. There is a special equipment used to remove the staples and removing them on your own (at home) could lead to problems such as tearing the tissues where the staples are. Also, your vet can assess the wound for infection and see if it is healing properly. The procedure to remove the staples is very fast and quick and I don't think your vet should charge you extra for it.

      Good luck and let us know what happens.
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        Thanks to all of you for your advice, I will call my vet and ask them if they will remove them. thanks again,suzanne.
        Suzanne Dubree


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          Hi Suzanne and welcome

          I agree with the others... there shouldn't be any charge for a follow-up visit to remove the staples, if they charge find another vet. Hoping your Lab has a speedy recovery