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hello , first post

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  • hello , first post

    my terrier mix -13 years old can no longer walk.
    it was a gradual process which is heartbreaking to watch.
    i'm just looking for people who have faced the same issue...and advice.

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    Hello and welcome to pet lovers! I'm sorry to hear your senior dog is having trouble walking. What has the vet said? Is this from arthritis or something else? What treatments are being tried?


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      Hello and welcome, I'm so sorry you are facing these issues with your dog. You're bound to get some goos advice here, Pip


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        Hi and welcome to Petlovers. Sorry to hear that your pet is not will find many people here if indeed not all that have faced or are facing similar situations. This is a very friendly forum where you will get the best advice on how to deal with this....very supportive people as well.
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          Hi there
          I think it very much depends on why your dog cant walk and his overall health.
          Is this new, is he in a lot of pain, does he have other issues?
          In some case if this is the final stage in an illness or if he is now also incontient or in a lot of pain it might be time to say goodbye..

          However I had a friend with a large shephard he was 11 and his hip had just worn out he was otherwise healthy and happy, she got him a wheelchair and he lived another two years..he was able to go for walks interact with other dogs and had a good life.
          Explore all the possibilties and the impact it will have on your friend before taking any decision..

          Good luck


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            Hello, I'm new to the group and having puppy behavior issues.We got a Shepard/ Rottweiler puppy at 8 weeks in June of this year. The home we got her from had little girls that dropped her and now she snaps and growls at my kids Any suggestions? We want to keep her and did muzzle her temporarily but we are running out of options


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              Hi there, i'm sorry to hear that. It is really heartbreaking to watch our dog, especially if we love them so much, to be in a state like this. They are a blessing to our life and most often they did comfort us and serve as stress relievers.

              I would advice to give more time to your dog now that you know she will be gone soon.
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                Hi Molly, Thats really sad news. What does your vet say?
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                  Hi! I'm Christine and welcome to the forum! I'm so sorry to hear that. Is your vet doesn't give any prescription to your dog?


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                    Hwz ur pet now