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No Kill Shelter in Ocala, FL Area?

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  • No Kill Shelter in Ocala, FL Area?

    I will be spending the winter in FL this year and am looking for a cat shelter at which to volunteer. Do any of you know of a No Kill between Ocala and Crystal River (Inverness, Hernando, Homosassa, etc.)

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    Heres a list of shelters that may be looking for vol. Hope this helps:

    Kindred Spirits Sanctuary
    Ocala, FL
    (352) 629-0009

    Quality of Life Rehab and Foster
    Ocala, FL 34475
    Contact: Aspen Olmstead
    Phone: (352) 401-0814

    Paw Pals Inc.
    Ocala, FL 34474
    Phone: (352) 291-5351

    Tender Loving Care Animal Rescue
    ocala, FL 34489
    Phone: (352) 875-0698
    Web Site:

    Animal People Inc.
    Address: PO Box 679
    Ft. McCoy, FL 32134
    Phone: (352) 546-2781

    Fortunate Felines
    Williston, FL 32696
    Phone: (352) 317-3354

    Pet Network Inc. P.O. Box 56
    Morriston, FL 32668
    Phone: (352) 528-0270

    If you need more let me know ~ caroline & Critters
    "Giving a Second Chance to Our Last Chance Friends"


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      Thank you so much. One of these is sure to work out.


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        wow nice list! im sure a lot of people will find this very useful!

        nice job!!!
        It's a dog eat dog world, Woody, and I'm wearing milk bone underwear.


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          Trying to change shelter to no kill shelter

          Hi, you guys just may be the ones to help me figure this out. I volunteer at a shelter, frankly because I feel sorry for the animals and the shelter is under staffed and under funded by the county. They are in such a remote area in WV that no one adopts there, but they have SO MANY animals coming in on a daily basis. Unfortunately what this leads to is dogs,cats, kittens, & puppies being put down and some of the fortunates going to animal rescue. I orginally thought exposure would solve the problem. So, I built them a website and volunteered to take the pictures of the dogs/cats for adoption. I thought if people saw them they would adopt them. BUT, I am 1 1/2 hours from them and I can take 80 pictures one day and 2 days later the whole shelter has had an animal turnover! I have NEVER seen anything like it. The only solution I see, is to figure out a way to implement a spay/neuter program to ensure every animal is fixed before getting transferred to their new owner. The county can't afford to do it and they ca n't raise their adoption fees to cover it or no one would adopt , period. Anyone have any ideas for me? I am completely stuck. Any grantst that you know of? My goal is to make this shelter a no kill shelter. I appreciate your time and sorry I wrote so much. Thanks to all!


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            I'm sorry I don't have a direct answer for you, but I will tell you my dog came from a shelter in West Virginia (I'm here in Massachusetts). The shelter I got my dog from has some kind of a deal with some shelter in West Virginia and Puerto Rico as well. The dogs are brought to Massachusetts, spayed and adopted out, maybe your shelter can work out some similar deal in another part of the country... I do know that my approx 3 month old puppy was days away from euthanization , he is now 6 yrs old... all his littermates were adopted out fast, he's a shepard boxer (they guessed, more or less) and had been found in a ditch in a box with his littermates, they are on lucky bunch of dogs to find there way here... The shelter I got him from is a no kill shelter.

            Good luck with you quest and god bless you for all you can do for the pets in your area,



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              Cyndicas, what shelter was that?
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