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Favorite books with an animal?

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  • Favorite books with an animal?

    I am going to admit this--even though I probably would have been scolded for it years ago. I fell in love with Irish Wolfhounds after reading the book Sight Hound. The main dog in the book, Dante, seemed so amazing and right after I finished the book I started researching them and got a puppy about a year later. Fiona is everything that I could have wanted in a dog and I am definitely hooked on the breed. She is a big girl, but her heart is even bigger
    --I totally do not recommend getting a certain breed just because of how they are represented in a movie or book!

    I am also a huge fan of Where the Red Fern Grow. I was so touched by that book when I growing up, it still affects me when I think about it.
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    Looking for special breed for children

    Hi. I'm doing a bit of research to find out what breed is ideal for children. do you have any thoughts?
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      My all-time favorite books with animals would have to be the Julie of the Wolves trilogy by Jean Craighead George. I probably read those books through twenty times when I was a kid. It taught me so much about animals, and about Alaska, too.
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        My favorites for young kids:
        Stella Luna and Verdi. (I think Verdi has a message as much for adults as for kids, lol).
        (Plus, they're gorgeously illustrated).

        Then, of course, there are the ones for older kids, purely for fun: A Cricket in Times Square, Harry Cat's Pet Puppy, Bunnicula, The Howliday Inn...


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          I love the book Kes/ kestral for a knave, a little boy that is bullied having a tough hard time, then finds a baby kestrel and raises it. its all about the relationship between them


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            Possum Magic was my favourite as a child!


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              The Call of the Wild, and Stinker from Space


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                actually studied that in highschool english lit, it's not just a story...... It apparently has a deep seeded meaning something to do with communism. It was an awsome story, till it came to what it meant for the horse or thy.e cow if I remember correctly. Like the story, just can't stand it's underlying meaning. did you know???


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                  My favorite book of all time is Black Beauty.


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                    What the parrot told Alice ih sn't a fun book but its worth the read and you'll get an education about parrots.


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                      Oh gosh, my favorite book with an animal, probably because of all the jokes and sketches I've ever heard of is "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". Haha.


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                        Omar Blue and K-9 Town, USA

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                        The puppies share the joy of being naughty and learning the rules of survival.

                        The pack is getting bigger and stronger, ready for any challenge, though relying more than ever on Omarís keen wit and the mystery that surrounds him, and now them.

                        Entertainment for the whole family. Told in smooth rhymes, with a flow that takes the reader right into K-9 Town, USA.

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                          I'm making children's book art nowadays so I hope children's picture books are ok to write about here? For me, I really like Ian Falconer's Olivia series. I also got a kick out of Diary of a Wombat.