I know that I'm not around enough, as are none of the other moderators, and I apologize for all of us as a whole.

BUT! Please please please report posts that shouldn't be here. We don't allow the sale of puppies or kittens, but let's all be honest here, the sale of any pet is frowned upon. Being rude or nasty to each other is strongly discouraged. And spamming will get you banned for life.

WE depend on YOU-the loyal members of this forum, to let us know when someone is posting something that is against the forum rules.

Thank you all!
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Custom Pet Portraits.

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  • Custom Pet Portraits.

    For all of those new spring puppies we are having a $20 rebate on all of our pet portraits. Checkout as normal and we will credit $20 back to you within 48 hours. Come take a look at some examples of our work at
    And thank you to all of the members who have been great customers!

    Unique pet oil paintings.