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Midnight and Tiger

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  • Midnight and Tiger

    We had to put our cat Midnight down wednesday 28th of February 2007.She was 91 years old and she was having a hard time with a lot of things. We had to put her brother down to years ago. He was having problems too. we think they both had cancer. They came from the same litter. But they are together now and they truly will be missed. RIP tiger and midnight.

    all animals need to be loved

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    My sincerest sympathy on your loss of Midnight. Gotta ask though -- 91 years old has got to be a typo of some kind. I've heard of cats living into early 20s but never to almost 100.
    ATTITUDE! Life is 10% what happens to one and 90% how one reacts to it! sigpic


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      Sending cyber hugs your way.


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        She was 18 years old. The vet said she was 91. She was an old cat but Im not sure if 18 years old is 91 in cat years.

        all animals need to be loved


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          I kind of wondered if you were referring to that formula that one human year is equal to 7 years for a dog and maybe a cat. That doesn't quite work out either -- interesting maybe there is a different formula for cats. Again my sympathy on your loss.
          ATTITUDE! Life is 10% what happens to one and 90% how one reacts to it! sigpic


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            Sorry for your loss.

            Wishing you the best during this tough time.
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              It seems good and hope that you will keep up the good work in future as well
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