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Question on sick Betta Fish

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  • Question on sick Betta Fish

    I hope someone can help me here. Our son & DIL gifted us a 3.5 gallon fish tank over a year ago along with a Betta fish. Fish is/was very pretty and it amazed me how attached I became and how Finn would swim over to the side of the tank nearest to us to say hi and remind us to feed him. All I would need to do is drop a few freeze dried worms or the pellets into the opening and tap on top of tank and he would swim right up and eat. I was so thrilled that I was able to keep this fish alive for this long, as I never had much luck with fish before. Anyway one day Finn was doing great and the next day not so great, not eating, being very lethargic to the point of not moving at all and we were sure he had died. His color is way off and he is white on the top of his body. No movement at all, tap on tank and he was not moving at all, we assumed he had passed away. Therefore I turned of the heater, filter, lights etc. to the tank this last Friday. This morning I went to clean out the tank remove Finn....imagine my surprise when I scooped out about half of the water and I went in with a cup to scoop him up only to have his tail wave back and forth which I felt was due to movement I was making the the water. No as the cup touched Finn's tail he immediately swim away with quick movements and vigor. It defies my imagination as Finn has not eaten in at least three weeks, doesn't swim around or do anything to show he is alive .....yet he isn't dead either. I would love it if we could assist him in getting better, but I do not know what to do? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.
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