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5 Gallon tank friendly fish :) ?????

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  • 5 Gallon tank friendly fish :) ?????

    Me and my boy friend recently got a five gallon tank seeing we were not aloud to go any bigger in the place we are renting. We do have a couple ghost shrimp in there but that is all because we have not decided on what kind of fish to get. I have had fish most of my life though but always had large breeds of fish never such a small tank. So i am just wondering if there is a interesting small breed of fish that is easy to care for and easy to breed, my friend had guppies and i like how there are little babies around makes the fish exsperience so much funner i find..... anyways so i gues my question is can someone give me a list of fish that are happy in a five gallon tank with filter and heater and easy to breed thanks. that way i can look through the list and research them all because i don;t like to own something untill i have done a good amout of research. thanks

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    The most common rule for tank stocking is no more than 1 inch of fish per if you have 2 ghost shrimp, you've already used up about 2 inches (2 gallons). You can safely put three 1 inch fish into the tank..or two 1 1/2 inch fish. It's not large enough to breed anything. The problem is that water can only absorb so much oxygen over a certain period of time. Tanks with more water surface area do better than tall tanks, as a result. If the fish don't have enough oxygen, they won't survive. Bubblers really only circulate the water so the oxygen is evenly distributed, they don't really add much oxygen--it comes from the surface.

    You may be able to keep 3 neon tetras, or a couple of zebra danios. I would not get guppies, as they will breed...and then you'll have the problem of an overstocked tank.