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Betta Care

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    Whoot I got a better shot, maybe someone can tell me male or female, to soon for me to tell.


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      Thank you so much for the tips. I bought my first betta fish last February. I was attracted with it's color and the pet shop saleslady gave me misleading information about taking care of betta fish. She said that they're very low maintenance and that they only require a small bowl. After a month my fish died. So now I know my facts I'm still prepping to buy a new one. And hopefully I could breed like you guys.
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        yes u can put bettas with some tetras. from my own experience, they do great with neons


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          Excellent write up.

          I would also note that while not currently active in Betta keeping, much can be learned from BettaChris who posted much earlier in this thread

          Here area few good sites for those desiring to learn even more about Betta Care:
          *Basic Betta Information with links to more in depth information such correct water chemistry (such as GH. KH, etc.)

          *Betta Fin Rot; a common problem

          Professional Aquarium Maintenance and research since 1978 (in the hobby since 1968)
          Aquarium & Pond Information
          Fish Beginner
          Aquarium Answers

          My home group:
          Everything Aquatic


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            Thanks worth reading tho too long,


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              This is good information, thanks for sharing.
              Pets are our beloved friends lets treat them with compassion