I know that I'm not around enough, as are none of the other moderators, and I apologize for all of us as a whole.

BUT! Please please please report posts that shouldn't be here. We don't allow the sale of puppies or kittens, but let's all be honest here, the sale of any pet is frowned upon. Being rude or nasty to each other is strongly discouraged. And spamming will get you banned for life.

WE depend on YOU-the loyal members of this forum, to let us know when someone is posting something that is against the forum rules.

Thank you all!
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These forums are specifically for the dog lovers in our community.

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Attention Dog Lovers! This is our general forum for the discussion of Dogs and everything about them! Dogs, dogs and more dogs!
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3,994 38,218
Have a general pet question? Post it here and, with some luck, a fellow member can help you out! Have some general pet answers? Check here to lend a hand!
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3,986 33,611
A forum for discussing the health of our pets. Ask questions or help others by sharing your own tips or experiences. !!Remember, consult your own dog professional before taking any advice from any online source!!
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3,039 24,137
Poison For Dogs **********
by maryn
Post your pet's favorite tasty treats and reliable recipes in this forum. Plus chat about food tips, tricks and everything in between. !!Remember, consult your own pet professional before taking any advice from any online source!!
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551 5,629
Raw food diet how toos
by doler91