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My girl refuses to eat her prescription diet!

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  • My girl refuses to eat her prescription diet!

    Hi everyone
    I'm new to this and could really do with any advice anyone has to offer!
    My 10 year old labrador sheepdog mix, Molly, was diagnosed with early stage kidney failure three weeks ago. The vet put her on Hill's KD prescription diet and she is also taking half a Fortekor tablet every day.

    At first, she loved her new food and would tear through it. But last week she just stopped liking it. I am wondering if this is because she is bored of it? Before she was diagnosed with kidney failure she would have gotten different food to eat every day. I know the Hill's prescription food can be bland, but I am reluctant to mix anything in with it as my vet told me this will cancel out the work this prescription food does.

    When she refuses to eat her food, I take away her dish and give it back to her a few hours later. It doesn't really seem to be working though. Her appetite is normal other than this, she still wants food will gobble up anything else she is given. I'm really at a loss as to what to do, because I'm afraid she will starve herself

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    Lucky does that sometimes. It doesn't matter what food we give her. We sometimes put a little water over her food, and for whatever reason, this works. You could try that. Water shouldn't cancel the affects.
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      Our previous dog (a beagle/lab mix) had been diagnosed with kidney failure also. She too, was put on a prescription renal diet that she wasn't too fond of. She was probably about 11 or so when she was diagnosed and 13 1/2 when she died. Initially she didn't care about the food change. Eventually she would only eat it with warm water put on it. Then she just plain refused. My vet suggested trying the canned version of the renal diet, but it was just way too expensive for us. I knew she was an elderly dog, who was well loved and taken care of, and also had multiple medical problems. She had hepatitis, bladder cancer as well as the kidney failure. None of which were getting any better despite treatments. I decided that if it were me, and I was slowly dieing I would want to be able to eat what I liked. Not suggesting by any means that this is the route you should take with your dog yet.

      I agree with the other post. Try warm water over the kibble, or you could see if there are any other brands of prescription diet that maybe your dog would find more palatable. We were on Royal Canin. Or maybe mix in a canned variety prescription diet with the dry kibble to "spice things up a bit" From my experience, your dog probably won't starve herself. She will eat when she is hungry especially if not offered other treats. Good luck.


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        If you were feeding your dog different food every day before, and now you are on one food everyday, then I can see why your dog is not wanting to eat it.

        I agree with the above suggestions. Try canned k/d or adding warm water and letting the dry soak. She won't starve herself. If she doesn't eat for a couple of days, call your vet and tell them. Royal Canin also makes a renal diet, maybe they can offer that?



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          I'm having the EXACT same problem as you right now. My dog was put on this diet at the beginning of April. At first, he absolutely loved the canned food (he has both canned and dry). He would eat the dry every now and then but the canned food was his staple diet. He now dislikes it and it's a battle to get him to eat. My vet said that my dog could eat other things but the k/d food had to be the most of his intake. My vet also said (before he ate this diet) that eating at all is more important then not eating (in the event he refused this food).

          I was looking on the internet on things to add to it and on the Hill's site, it lists you can add oregano for picky eaters. Also I thought about asking my vet about the following recipes for dogs with early to moderate kidney disease.

          I really feel the refusal to eat the food is variety. Good luck and let me know how it goes!!


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            Some dogs that won't eat K/D prefer NF. NF is the Purina variation of prescription dog foods. There should be another vet in your area that has the Purina versions...or even the Royal Canin ones.


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              Originally posted by tiffers View Post
              Some dogs that won't eat K/D prefer NF. NF is the Purina variation of prescription dog foods. There should be another vet in your area that has the Purina versions...or even the Royal Canin ones.
              You could also ask about Royal Canin Renal LP. Its Vet Eclusive, so you'd have to buy it from a clinic. Royal Canin has a renal diet that it sells in pet stores too, but I don't know how good it is.

              My old geezer cat Nana was on K/D too, but I was lucky and she gobbled it up. I too suggest trying the canned diet and seeing if it helps.
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                Speaking of canned, that is the best option. Those kidneys need all the water intake they can get.