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puppy 8 months old no shots/ male or female joining a male dog

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  • puppy 8 months old no shots/ male or female joining a male dog

    Hi, I have two questions. We are thinking about getting a yorkie puppy 8 month. But just found out it has no shots. Is it to late for shots? Or reactions for being so late? Another question, if we get this male or female yorkie, we will bringing it home to a male very large gentle loves anything that moves golden doodle. I am wondering if we would be better with another male or female. Or if it matters. The goldendoodle has been neutered. thanks

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    I dont think getting multiple males is a big issue. Don't quote me but no I dont believe its ever too late to get shots. I mean I update my dogs every year so. Just take it in to the vet before you bring it home, in case he has anything he coudl pass on to your doodle. I think usually its two females that can fight it out for the alpha position BUT with a good owner, even that shouldnt be too big of a problem. I know plenty of peple with multile males and/or multiple females and a mix of both.

    Where si the dog from? If the dog is healthy Id say go for it and just get it its shots asap (for me id want the first round before bringing it home to my other dog? but that may just be me being paranoid). Im not saying not to recuse a dog that may need medical attention. Fantastic if you do... but just make sure you are prepared to give the pup whatever it needs IF it does need medical attention. You have a dog already so you're probably aware enough of the cost
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      if your doodle is gentle and all that, i don't see a problem with it either. biggest thing i'd think would be to make sure your big one doesn't squish your little one in over-exuberant play!

      and as for the shots, see if you can't arrange to take your new babe in to the vet before you even get her home. i adopted a pup last week, and i haven't had a change to take her in there so i shouldn't talk, but it's a good thing to do. i know my new one has shots and has been to the vet fairly recently cuz she was an '09 rabies tag.

      anyways, it's never too late for shots i don't think. and any reaction that would happen would probably be specific to your dog and not the fact that it was 8 months before receiving the vaccinations.

      hope that helps!


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        As the others have said, its never too late for shots!

        If your GD is gentle and good with all dogs them the sex of the pup shouldn't matter. Get what you want. Both males and females can fight for dominance, you just have to make sure that when and if it happens you are there to prevent any serious damage to the smaller one. I have 4 males, and every once in a while they will challenge each other, but most of the time they are just buddy-buddy!


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          I agree with everyone else. Shots whenever, afterall, shelters do vacc. on all dogs that come in, regardless of age.
          And male or female, doesn't matter, as long as you keep them in check if one starts getting bolshy.
          Do you mind me asking where you're getting this pup? At 8 months I expected it to be a rescue of some sort, but if male and female are available...?


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            Squash, I kind of wondered the same thing. At first I thought it woul dbe a shelter, but then realized it would have had its shots OR the shelter would give the pup shots before it was released. And I know responsible Fosters will vacc the dogs in their care (and recieve some sort of compensation to do so occassionally right? although that is just an assumption on my part), but yes, every dog i've adopted from shelter or rescue has been given at least one round, if not all, of their vacs. AND then we had to put an extra deposit down on Keeper until we get her spayed and then we'll get reimbursed (as a way to ensure we WILL get it done, which we will soon now that shes about done nursing).

            Thats why I made mention about them looking into the dogs health. If its not from a pound, or if its from an irresponsible Foster or just someone on the street and its gone 8 months without its vacs then I would be wary of adopting it. Not because I dont think it needs a good home but because I know I cant afford any medical conditions that it may come with right now. I just mean, why has an 8 month old NOT been to the vet yet! It seems strange to me. In riverside, ca, on our way home from herding classes, ther are always at least 2 people on the side of the street selling their back yard litters...its sad.
            Sometimes I wanna call Animal Cruelty on these people....I probably should next time I see them.
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              First I though "rescue"...maybe one that is breed specific and has several young dogs.
              Then I thought BYB who wasn't able to sell of their leftovers, and is now pushing the 8 months olds for a better price.

              If the GD is vaccinated then the big risk goes to the pup, who isn't protected at all. I would really look hard at previous vet statements, vaccine records, and your adoption contract before you take the dog home.