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How long does it take a female to heal from spaying?

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  • How long does it take a female to heal from spaying?

    I'm getting my female toy poodle fixed at the end of August. I was hoping to take a trip to the beach in Sept but i'm afraid she won't be able to. I was hoping to find a beach that would accept pets. I think she'd like the sand. And i'd love to see her like the sand. but she don't need that or salt water in her wound. I'll probably ask the vet too but i was just curious. If she's not good to go to the beach, will she be ok to go anywhere else?


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    If there are no complications, 10 days-2 weeks. All dogs are different, and it will depend on if your vet uses stiches or glue. You would have to keep the incision dry in any case.

    Why not wait until after your trip to do the surgery?

    I know an awesome dog beach in Florida.


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      I thought about waiting on the surgery but she'll be 6 monts a week later and i really want her fixed before her first cycle. I think it's too late to try to go in August. Maybe we can just go somewhere else this time. You don't think she'll be moping around for 2 weeks do ya? I mean, what if i take her somewhere else with no water activities. She'll feel like walking trails or something with me and stuff like that right? I know she probably won't feel like doing much the first few days but. . . .2 weeks?


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        It is more about keeping the incision closed. 10 days-2 weeks will give you a healed incision. Some dogs heal faster than others. With no complications you should start to see healing in a couple of days. You just want to limit activity so that it does not come open.

        As for the moping around, that will depend on your dog. I have had dogs that milk it for attention, and dogs that want to go play the very next day. The playing dogs are the ones that end up tearing out their stitches. I also had one dog who had a tissue reaction to the thread that the vet used for the stitches. That was a much longer recovery, but most vets do not use this type of thread.

        Talk to your vet and see what he/she thinks.


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          We just got our dog spayed last Thursday and the next day she was wanting to play. She is 70 lbs and 18 months old, so the vet gave us sedatives to keep her from wanting to play so she wouldn't tear the stitches. We are having the stitches removed at the 10 day mark. The vet said no running etc for 10 - 14 days.
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            What about laser surgery?