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Poison For Dogs **********

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  • Thank you so much amanda. sometime we don't even realize what we are feeding our dog, that can be poison for them. It is really scaring. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.
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    • After reading this thread, I was compelled to search for tips on how to know a dog is intoxicated and the possible treatment. I have been flipping through different web pages that offer information on this issue and it appears like they all agree on several symptoms of dog intoxication. E.g. diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy. If your dog suffers from unexplained vomiting or diarrhea, it's important to take him/her to a vet for an intoxication test.
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      • Thanks for sharing this informative post. I've been always known that chocolate is very bad for dogs but I didn't knew that garlic and onions are also not good for them. There are so many things which are toxic to animals and that you wouldn't expect ever.


        • The "Pet Poison Hotline" has an excellent list of potential poisons with detailed info on each. I cant post any links, but just google "Pet Poison Hotline" and click on poison list!


          • Great post! Thanks for the informative post.


            • This valuable information, i once caught my dog trying to feed macadamia nuts i had placed on my kitchen table. Now i know better. Thank you a ton.
              Pets are our beloved friends lets treat them with compassion


              • Hi Amanda,

                Thank you for a well-informative article about some food that dog-owners should consider before giving it to their dogs.
                It is important and it is our responsibility to give them our attention and care to their wellbeing and health.

                Thank you.
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                • Of course I agree with you !


                  • We must be careful with what we feed our dogs! There are certain chemicals which dogs can not eat and what's worst is that some pet food contains these dangerous chemicals

                    The most important thing is to know the bad chemicals and in which kind of human and pet foods are they found. That way we can prevent our dogs from eating something that might get them killed..