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Need help, am scared.

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  • Need help, am scared.

    My pom 4 months old is not feeling well. Suffering from dehydration and vomitings. Met a doctor and she is only on fluids froms 3days. No oral food and no progress. Am scared and worried. Please help me.

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    I would be worried too. Just "meeting" the doctor makes it sound like no tests were done for evaluation. You may need to do more than "meet" the doctor. A second opinion would be my next move as dehydration can kill fast and your dog is very small to begin with so may dehydrate faster than a bigger dog, it is dangerous for this to be going on.
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      I agree a second opinion. Were bloodtests done? Did they do xrays to make sure the puppy wasn't obstucted( meaning ate something and got stuck in his system and can't pass it).

      Does the dog have a temp or diah? Fluids are good for a dog that is dehydrated but it won't fix the problem if something else is going on. How long has he been vomiting?


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        Thanks dlaura & sheltieluver,

        @sheltieluver ,They did no blood tests and xray. They are tellling me she will be OK in couple of days. I am taking her to hosital twice daily and they are giving her couple of injections and IV fluids. At present she stopped vomiting and now the temp is normal, but she is still weak and just slept almost all the day yesterday. Is she recovering?


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          I work at a vet I would insist on them doing bloodwork and even an xray if the blood work comes up normal. Is she eating? What about her bathroom habbits? Could she possibly have eaten something she shouldn't either in the yard or in the house?

          If the current vet wont do it I suggest you find one that will.


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            Huh, atlast got the tests ran and everything is normal. She is recovering fast. Seeing that lil fella playing and moving around actively makes me relieved from all tensions i've been through from 5 days. Can you please suggest me ideal food for her at this time.

            Thanks sheltieluver n dlaura.


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              So she is feeling better? I would feed her a bland diet for a few days boiled chicken no seasoning and some boiled rice again no seasoning. I would (if she hasn't vomited or had diah on say day 3) start gradually introducing her normal diet. What are you currently feeding as far as regular diet.

              On day three mix some of her normal diet with the chicken/rice and gradually add more normal diet and less chicken/rice each day till shes back on her regular diet.